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If it wasnt to collaborate with Yun Xis acting, she would have been too lazy to deal with these women.

This was too degrading for someone of her status!

”Although youre all from the countryside, compared to that girl, Yun Xi, the three of you are just worlds apart! She is the Directors daughter after all, which meant she was already far nobler than you since the day she was born.

There are just certain things that country bumpkins like you can never compete with!”

Hearing the mention of Yun Xis name, Liang Xinyi couldnt contain the jealousy brewing in her heart, especially now that she had been reduced to being a street rat that everyone shouted at and trampled on.

And at a time like this, she just had to be compared with Yun Xi.

Putting them both side by side, she may as well be a worm crawling in the mud.

Back in Muyang, that cursed bearer of misfortune was always trampled on by her and made to do the dirtiest and most tiring jobs every day.

Everyone looked down on her, and no one dared to even approach her!

The so-called daughter of Director Yun should have been her! But that title and life were taken away by that ill-fated girl.

Who did she think she was

Now that she had climbed her way up, that girl could have anything she wanted, while she was here getting trampled on and left with nothing.

Why was this world so cruel to her

”Directors daughter Noble Are you kidding me If her mom hadnt stolen my mothers man back then, I would have been the Directors daughter.

I wouldve been the noble lady of the Yun family, and you would never have the chance to trample all over me like youre doing now!”

The video had already pushed Liang Xinyi to the brink of collapse.

The overwhelming fear of losing everything and having her reputation tarnished was like a taut string waiting to snap.

Now, hearing the news of Chen Lixues divorce on top of it all, completely broke her last shred of sanity.

”Ah, I almost forgot.

You were supposed to be a directors daughter too, but unfortunately…”

“Its a pity that your mother and Deputy Director Liang got divorced, otherwise, you wouldve been the directors daughter by now!” chuckled Su Ximan as she glanced at Chen Lixue who was lying on the ground.

I heard that Deputy Director Liang was recently promoted.

His current deputy director position is not far behind that of Director Yuns.

After the New Year, when the general election is over and the old director retires, his second-in-command will be the one who has the best chance to be promoted.

When that time comes, our family will probably have to rely on Director Liang to get things done!”

Su Ximan grew up under the care of Su Donglin and her brothers.

Growing up, her father doted on her as she was the only daughter in the family.

Since she didnt have a mother, she had a close relationship with her father.

She could not stand Liang Xinyi and her familys behavior of abandoning their biological father for the sake of their future, so how could she not be thrilled when she had the opportunity to provoke them.


What she said was indeed the truth.

If Liang Xinyi had seen the bigger picture, she would now be the daughter of a director, and her status would not have been any lesser than that of Yun Xis.

It was a pity that she had destroyed her own path to redeeming herself!

Liang Xinyi was not very clear of Liang Weimins recent movements.

All she knew was that he had come to Jingdu and had become the deputy director.

To avoid this penniless father of hers, she deliberately tried not to contact him or meet with him for fear of letting people know that she had such a shameful father.

She certainly did not want to impede her own future because of his existence.

However, little did she know that he would end up becoming a director…

Su Ximan saw a flash of astonishment and regret on Liang Xinyi and Chen Lixues faces.

She smiled and spread out her hands, “What can you do now Whos to blame when you were the ones who had severed your own path!”

Standing up, Su Ximan glanced at Su Zongping who was sitting in the corner and raised her eyebrows slightly.

She really did not want to be stuck in this tug of war with them wasting any more energy and time.

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”Fourth Uncle, since this fire started in your backyard, Ill leave you to put it out yourself! The Su family has been humiliated, and I have to go help you explain the situation to Grandpa!”

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