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As soon as Su Ximan mentioned the old man, Su Zongpings eyelids twitched.

How could he not know what this meant

It could not be helped that he had such bad luck.

It was always either the woman he married or the baggage that she had brought with her that caused him trouble.

Despite being innocent, he was always the one who had to clean up their mess!

Although Su Zongping was his rightful son, the old man loved his one and only granddaughter even more.

If Su Zongping wanted her to help as a mediator in coaxing the old man and dealing with the issue, the least he could do was to be decisive in taking care of the mess Chen Lixue had caused.

“Okay then, Ill leave it to you!” Su Zongping said with a smile and watched Su Ximan head upstairs.

The moment he turned around, his expression immediately changed.

It just so happened that he had gotten fed up with the wretched Chen Lixue.

After divorcing her, he might even get another wife to cleanse his palette!

“Chen Lixue, Ill have a lawyer send over the divorce papers for you to sign later, so the bunch of you can get the hell out of the Su house today! You can have a house from our divorce, but dont even think about getting anything else from me! If you stir up more trouble again, you can forget about having a single dime!”

“I refuse.

I dont want us to get a divorce.” Chen Lixue held on tightly to the leg of Su Zongpings pants as she wailed her heart out.

The tricks that she once used on Liang Weimin did not work against Su Zongping at all.

In fact, Su Zongping felt particularly disgusted by her remorseful act that he left Chen Lixue and her daughters in the living room and went upstairs.

The three of them were left completely stumped in the living room with their thoughts—they were unwilling to leave, yet staying was completely out of the question—looking utterly pathetic and humiliated.

The hearse that had come by early in the morning, and the explosion on Yun Xis side, had made Han Yaotian nervous.

It was difficult enough to get that girl, Yun Xi, to cooperate with him.

If he couldnt reach an agreement with the Qiao Corporation, then all his follow-up plans could not be implemented.

He looked down at the folder he had brought over.

It contained thick stacks of documents regarding Qiao Xinlis dark past and the details.

Some were even about engineering accidents that the Qiao Corporation had hastily covered up in recent years.

Getting all this information together was not an easy task, but none of it was too difficult for the Young Commander Mus intelligence team.

This was the bargaining chip he had brought with him today to the Qiao Corporation! If his chips were not attractive enough, he would have to perform a little charade to take down Qiao Ximin first!

When it came to dealing with women, he was confident that a little coercion, charm, and acting would be more than enough to get her to take the bait! Even the most prideful heiress was the same in bed—sooner or later, she would give in to him!


After waiting all day, Han Yaotian finally saw Qiao Dehao arriving late with Qiao Xinli and Qiao Ximin in tow.

He glanced at his watch.

They were precisely forty minutes late.

What a way to flaunt their superiority! Since he had been made to feel inferior the moment they arrived, he figured there would not be a need for him to hold back when he made his offer.

“Chairman Han, you wanted to meet To what do I owe this pleasure” Seeing the man who had tarnished his daughters innocence and had made it the talk of the town, Qiao Dehaos face really did not seem welcoming at all.

If it werent for Han Yaotians trap, his daughter might have been able to climb higher and latch herself onto someone better, making the Qiao family even more stable with greater connections! But now, with such a commotion, the splendid future they had envisioned with the Han family was all gone! Since the Han family had been kicked out of the Big Four Conglomerate Families, they were no longer worthy in the eyes of the Qiao family.

“Chairman Qiao, you must already know about your daughter and me.

Im here today to discuss the marriage between the Han family and the Qiao family.

I fell in love with your daughter at first sight.

Now that all that has happened, I wont shirk away from my responsibilities.

I will surely be responsible for her!”

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Qiao Ximin did not want to see Han Yaotian.

But she was worried that he would make a big fuss about what happened the other day, so she finally decided to go with Qiao Dehao and Qiao Xinli.

However, hearing him talk about marriage the moment they arrived made her face turn dark.

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