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“I thought sweet flatteries should be saved for when were alone in bed—”

”You better zip it!” Before he could finish speaking, she covered his mouth with her hand, and her ears instantly turned red.

Mu Feichi looked down at her blushing earlobes, his dark eyes filled with deep tenderness and affection as he reached out to hold her hand and clasped it tightly in his palm.

“I know youre nervous but dont worry.

The old man isnt scary.

Youre the only granddaughter he has from his direct family.

He is dying to shower you with love! Whats more, you are much less of a headache compared to his other granddaughter, Si Wenxuan.”

Yun Xi then remembered that Old Master Xiao only had two children, Xiao Jinglin and Xiao Weijun, with the former being the elder sister and the latter, the younger brother.

She and Si Wenxuan were the only members of the family in their generation.

In other words, she was Si Wenxuans older cousin!

”Wait, this isnt right!” Yun Xi thought for a while, and finally realized the crucial matter she had overlooked.

”Im a child of the Xiao family, theres no doubt about it, so I shouldnt have to worry about being awkward or nervous when meeting them.

Its you, Mu Three-Years-Old, who should be nervous!”

”Why should I be nervous”

”I havent even officially returned to the Xiao family, yet youre already trying to abduct me to the Mu family.

Seems to me like youre the one nervous since youre meeting my family for the first time.

What would I even need to be nervous for”

”Exactly! Baby, youve been so absent-minded all through the drive.

What are you so worried about I should be the one nervous, not you!”

Seeing that she had finally come back to her senses and was able to realize this, he knew that she had overcome the hurdle within her heart.

Accepting her fate and adapting so quickly, she really was befitting of being the woman he admired—the woman that was free-spirited, carefree, and domineering!


Since it was a private jet, they entered a VIP passage, and Mu Feichis car drove directly toward the private apron.

This time, the Old Master Xiao was returning to the country, and the bodyguards present was a sight to behold.

They were neither too early nor too late, and they arrived shortly after the plane had landed.

When Yun Xi got out of the car, she saw over a hundred bodyguards guarding the private apron.

They were a muddle of blackness standing on the greyish white apron, looking majestic and solemn.

Their stance on receiving the Head of State in such a serious manner made her little heart frantic again.

Although she wasnt sure how many of them were coming back this time, she knew very well that they had come all this way just for her.

If she were receiving any other guests, she would have gotten by just fine with some basic socializing skills and etiquette that she had picked up in her previous life.

But this time, the ones she was receiving were her family members whom she had never met before, so it was only natural for her to feel a little nervous.

Mu Feichi looked at the mighty display of bodyguards that clearly showed off their status, then he sighed softly and turned his head to look at the little girl beside him, “Baby, will you look at that! Your father specifically asked me to come and pick them up with you just to let me know that his precious daughter has a powerful family to back her up, so she wont be allowed to suffer any grievances.”

”You got all that just by seeing this” The army summoned here was indeed a little elaborate.

It certainly was not the typical low profile manner of Xiao Jinglin.

At first, she had thought that it was because the Old Master Xiao was following him back to the country and that was why they had such a big ado.

But after hearing him say that, it certainly seemed as if this was more likely the case.

”Your father went out of his way to flaunt his power.

If I cant even see through his intentions, then wont I be wasting his efforts”

He understood Xiao Jinglins intent, but he was also happy for this girl.

After all, she had finally found her real family.

Compared to Yun Yuanfeng—that fake father of hers, Xiao Jinglin being her real biological father, had never once disappointed her since he found out about her identity.

”However, seeing as he threw together such a big fanfare merely as a gentle reminder, Im rather worried now.

What if he deliberately tries to make things difficult when the day comes where I steal you away from his hands and take you home with me You better make sure to stand by me! Otherwise, my one-man army can never take on his entire Xiao family!”

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