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Chapter 163: Earnest and Attentive

Yun Xi carefully checked out old Madame Chen and confirmed that there were no major problems.

She was certain that surgery was no longer needed.

“Thats great! Girl, you are really our lucky star.”

Old man Chen was standing by his wifes side, gazing at Yun Xi gratefully.

He was thinking to himself that if the Jiang familys grandson didnt want to marry Yun Xi, Chenchen should marry her.

“Grandpa Chen, dont tease me.

Its already very heartwarming that you all arent worried about me jinxing you and have been so kind toward me.”

Old Madame Chen patted Yun Xis arm affectionately.

“You silly girl, how can you worry about what those idiots say Everything is about fate.

If there was no fate, everything else would be meaningless.”

Yun Xi smiled and nodded.

“You are absolutely right!”

At the old Madames age, things that others couldnt fathom seemed very clear.

Yun Xis mother was so superstitious that she had come to hate her own daughter.

It was evident that superstition was just an ignorant belief.

“Old Madame, I have written down the formula for a herbal tea.

This tea has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood clots.

It also treats chest pain to promote balance of the heart and yang.

Coronary heart disease and angina are treated similarly to chest pain in Chinese medicine.

This tea should be used to treat chest pain, lumps, and agglomerations.

It also cleanses the blood, strengthens blood vessels, protects the heart and brain, nourishes the heart, and calms the mind.”

The old Madame took the formula and glanced at the list of ingredients.

There were more than a dozen kinds of Chinese medical ingredients, such as Danshen, which wasnt expensive, and all of them had the portions listed as well.

She could tell that the person who had written this formula was earnest and attentive.

“Ill instruct Uncle Chen to go to the pharmacy and have this tea prepared according to my instructions.

Ill have him put it in a teapot, and you should drink it every day.

It is very beneficial for elderly people.

Grandpa Chen should drink it too.”

“All right.

Ill do as you say.” The old Madame nodded.

“Girl, I called you over so early.

Have you eaten breakfast yet I can stand up now, so help me downstairs and lets have breakfast together.”

As she said this, old Madame Chen used her hand to help her to stand up.

She turned her head and smiled as she looked at Young Marshal Mu, who was wearing a solemn expression.

“Thank you for coming to visit this ill lady.

If youd like, lets go downstairs and have breakfast together.”

Mu Feichi nodded and glanced at Yun Xi.


At breakfast, Yun Xi sat next to the old Madame and talked with her about her health maintenance.

They discussed supplements and herbal remedies.

In her last life, she had studied herbal remedies a lot for her grandfather, and now that knowledge had come in handy.

The old Madames illness had been cured, and shed repeatedly expressed her gratitude.

Yun Xi remained very modest about it.

The best reward she could receive was the protection and affection of the Chen family.

As they were eating breakfast, the housekeeper came in to announce, “Grandpa, old Madame, old man Jiang and second young master Jiang have come to visit.”

“Welcome them to the living room and serve tea,” old man Chen instructed her.

Old Madam Chen, thinking about Jiang Henglins attitude toward Yun Xi at the auction, frowned slightly and looked at Yun Xi nervously.

“Girl, if that kid from the Jiang family dares to bully you, Grandma will have your back!”

From how she was referring to herself as Grandma, Yun Xi could tell that the old woman was really fond of her.

For so many years, she had never enjoyed the affection of so many elders, so Yun Xi was moved.

When Mr.

Jiang came to the Chen familys house, he acted like he was in his own backyard.

Upon hearing that Young Marshal Mu was also there, he led his grandson into the dining room.

Mu Feichi was todays distinguished guest of noble status.

The second elder of the Chen family had invited him to sit in the most important seat of the table.

At a glance, in the huge dining room, it seemed that Mu Feichi was the main guest and of the highest status.

“Young Marshal Mu, long time, no see!”

Old man Jiang walked over, and, even at his age, he had to be polite and deferential toward this distinguished junior.

Mu Feichi nodded courteously, then replied politely yet distantly, “Old Jiang seems to be doing well these days!”

Old man Jiang chuckled.

“Just getting by, just getting by!”

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