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It had always been Yun Xis wish to continue to stand by Mu Feichis side confidently.

It was something she believed was worth risking her life for.

She would not undermine her capabilities, and she would not be hesitant to pursue the life she wanted.

Xiao Jinglin studied the girl—her independence and self-confidence had left him speechless.

Her words revealed her fondness for Mu Feichi and defended Mu Feichis position.

There was slight envy in his heart

“You know, you are as good as he is.

If we were to compare family backgrounds, you are even better than him!”

There was no lie in Xiao Jinglins words.

The Mu family could not compare to the Xiao family in any aspect.

Yun Xi could compare their father or their family history, and the Xiao family would always emerge on top.

She was part of an incomparable family.

It was Mu Feichis turn to understand the subtle message in Xiao Jinglins words.

The man nodded in agreement, “You are absolutely right, sir! The Mu family is the one with the honour of knowing the Xiao family!”

“Good that you know! Dont forget what I told you—if you break any of the rules, not even Yun Xi can help spare you!”

Mu Feichi nodded harder, “Mhm, understood!” The man replied with the most serious and sincere tone since they began speaking.

Yun Xi looked from Mu Feichi to Xiao Jinglin and back to Mu Feichi.

The silent tacit agreement between them suggested that there was something Yun Xi did not know about.

But Yun Xi did not feel a need to question it.

There was nothing wrong with a little secret between men.

Their car pulled to a stop at the curb by the Si family manor.

Si Jingting and Xiao Weijun had been waiting by the door with Si Wenxuan ever since they got the news of their arrival.

With the news that Mu Feichi was coming to the Si family manor for dinner, Si Wenxuan suddenly forgot about the cold and dressed up for the occasion.

She had changed into a pink gown with a light jacket, and she was shaking in the snowy weather as they waited.

Xiao Weijun watched her daughter shiver, but there was nothing she could do.

She had dressed formally for the dinner, and she resembled the daughter of the Si family.

There was little she could complain about.

Mu Feichis car had reached their estate first.

Si Wenxuan excitedly walked toward the vehicle to greet the man.

However, once she had a look at who was in the vehicle with them, her mood instantly soured.

Her happy footsteps came to a halt, and she watched with contempt as Mu Feichi chivalrously escorted Yun Xi out of the vehicle.

Her eyes burned with anger.

“Why is she here, Brother Feichi! We dont welcome her here!”

Si Wenxuans eyes caught sight as Mu Feichis hands held Yun Xis shoulders.

Their exchange of affection added more fuel to her anger.

She could not bother to maintain her elegant front as the daughter of the Si family anymore as she barked out, “Tell her to leave! Tell her to get out!”

“Keep it down, Xuanxuan!”

The Si family couple had made their way to the door after their daughter, and upon hearing Si Wenxuans disrespectful comments, Si Jingtings expression immediately hardened in anger.

“Quiet! How many times must I tell you that Yun Xi is our guest How can you treat our guest like this”

He may be a solemn President who commanded much respect from the public, but he still lacked steel when it came to handling his daughters problematic attitude.

“I refuse to believe that! Shes a fraud! She has tricked all of you—even you and mom!”

She was certain Yun Xi had hypnotized all those around her.

None of them seemed to realize her true evil nature.

All of them were on her side—even Brother Feichi.

He had always been one who was picky with his choices, yet he had chosen a girl with no background or status.

It was illogical!

Even Qi Siyu was a better guest in her eyes than Yun Xi, and she hated Qi Siyu to the bone!

They were the same age and she did not lose to Yun Xi in terms of family background or physical looks—why did Brother Feichi choose Yun Xi instead

“Keep quiet, Xuanxuan!” hushed her mother, Xiao Weijun, as she watched Xiao Jinglin alight from the car.

She could not afford to let Si Wenxuan behave rudely in front of her family.

It had always bugged Xiao Weijun too—why had her daughter always regarded Yun Xi so poorly and nitpicked everything she did What did Si Wenxuan have against Yun Xi

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