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Being born in a reputable family meant that the reputation and glory of the family came before ones interests.

The family should always come first, and one should only embark on what they want to do once the family is strong.

This was what Old Master Xiao had wanted to say.

Yun Xi had understood his message, but Si Wenxuan was another story.

In fact, Si Wenxuan seemed to miss the message in Old Master Xiaos words.

Her eyes were still red with anguish and hatred for Yun Xi.

However, there was nothing more she could say.

Xiao Jinglin could only sigh and shake his head lightly as he turned to Xiao Weijun.

They were lucky that Mu Feichi was the only outsider here today.

If anyone else were to catch wind of this scene, it would have been an embarrassment for the family.

Xiao Weijun had her hands tied as well.

They had spoiled Si Wenxuan as she was their only daughter.

But they thought she would put up an obedient front before Mu Feichi.

However, that seemed to have failed.

It seemed like they could no longer control her.

This was supposed to be a happy reunion dinner with the Si Family, but Si Wenxuans tantrum completely ruined the mood.

The girl herself had even chosen to remain upstairs during dinner.

It was fortunate that the others silently agreed to ignore what had happened beforehand, and dinner was able to continue peacefully in awkward silence.

Si Wenxuans tantrum had ruined the appetites of those around her.

Even Old Master Xiao, who had intended to stay for a few days in the Si family manor until Xiao Jinglin had renovated his estate, had changed his mind and opted to return to Mount Tianyu with Xiao Jinglin.

As the Si couple sent the Old Master off, they realized the severity of the situation.

They had no idea how to change Si Wenxuans terrible attitude.

The two stood silently in the snow as they pondered on a solution.

Old Master Xiao was old and needed all the rest he could get.

Furthermore, Yun Xi was worried that the family tracking issue might disrupt his peace.

So once he had settled well in Mount Tianyu, Yun Xi immediately scheduled a meeting with Xiao Jinglin outside of the mountain in S city to talk to the aunt who had brought her to the countryside.

She needed answers—answers that will bring her peace.

The day was packed, and Yun Xi could only relax once she had returned to her residence.

She took a bath and retreated to the chaise lounge chair.

Yun Xi grabbed a nearby cushion for comfort as Mu Feichi tended to her wounds.

“You know, I heard from Su Ximan that my ex-aunt has divorced the fourth son of the Su Family this afternoon.

Knowing my ex-aunt, she will run back to my uncle.

I cant let that happen.”

“Didnt you ask the fool, Jiang, to matchmake your uncle with another divorcee You didnt see their information”

“I didnt have the time to,” Yun Xi shook her head.

“But she cant be that bad.

I dont want my uncle to be bullied by another person, so I named a lot of conditions.

He should be able to handle it.”

“Then, you should thank the fool, Jiang.

He found a good match.

In my opinion, she is quite suitable as his partner.”

“Really” Yun Xi sat up in surprise.

Her sudden movement caused her to hit her wound against the cotton swab in Mu Feichis hand and she winced in pain.

“Calm down.

Im still applying the medicine here.

If your wound gets any bigger, it may leave a scar.

How will you wear dresses then”

“I promise I will look after it.

So, tell me more about this woman! Which family is she from How is she”

“She has a good personality—an entrepreneur who had gone through her fair share of struggles so she will understand the pains of life, unlike the women from well-to-do backgrounds.

She comes from a family of scholars, so they like earnest people like your uncle.”

“Then, lets arrange for them to meet! I dont want my ex-aunt to bug my uncle again.

How can he restart his life if she returns”

“Second Master Jiang has already arranged it.

Besides, you cant rush fate,” replied Mu Feichi as he reapplied the bandage to Yun Xis wound.

“You just focus on finding that aunt in S City.

I cant be there though, so I have arranged for someone to pick you up.”

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