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He had figured that the girl was not that strong, but he did not expect her to react faster than him the moment he moved.

She stepped on his chest and grabbed his arm, almost dislocating it!

“Ouch, ouch, ouch… d*mn girl, let go of me! Let go!”

“Since you said it belongs to your family, why are you running away” Yun Xi stepped on his chest and grabbed his wrists.

She looked up at Xiao Jinglin and signaled him to take the brocade pouch from his hand.

Xiao Jinglin grabbed the mans wrist and pulled it back, causing the man to release the brocade pouch in his hand and cry out in pain.

Xiao Jinglin picked the pouch up from the ground, opened it, and took a look at the contents inside.

When he saw the Jade Fortune Bean pendant inside, he suddenly looked up.

“This is… this belongs to your mother!” Xiao Jinglin showed Yun Xi the necklace with the Jade Fortune Bean pendant in his hand and turned to look at the man on the ground.

“How did you get this”

“Thats my mothers! Give it back to me, or Ill sue you for robbery!”

“Is that so” Yun Xi fiercely pulled his wrists back, raising her eyes to look at the middle-aged woman who had run downstairs.

This was the person they were looking for today.

“What… what are you doing” The auntie looked at her son, who was being stepped on, and she quickly ran down.

“Dont do anything to hurt him, please.

This is my son…”

Yun Xi snorted and let the man go.

She pulled Xiao Jinglin to stand on the stairs and looked down at the scoundrel on the floor.

She turned toward the nervous-looking auntie, “Aunt Lin, do you recognize this Fortune Bean”

“This belongs to me.

This brat stole things from my house…” Aunt Lin looked at the jade pendant that was safe and sound and heaved a sigh of relief.

She was about to reach for it when Xiao Jinglin took it back.

“You both…” Aunt Lin looked at the man in front of her, and then at Yun Xi, vaguely feeling that the man before her looked a bit familiar.

“We came to find you!” Yun Xi took out the golden bangle she had brought.

“Aunt Lin, do you still remember this bangle”

“This…” Aunt Lin looked at the small golden bangle Yun Xi handed over, taking it with some surprise.

Yun Xi swept her eyes over the man whose eyes were shining bright after seeing the golden bangle.

She turned around and stood in front of him, giving him a warning look, “If you dare move, Ill have you roll down from the third floor.

You can give it a try if you dont believe me!”

“Pfft, who wants your broken item!” The man retracted his gaze from the gold bangle in embarrassment.

He didnt dare to snatch the jade pendant from Xiao Jinglins hand, so he could only stand at the side and size up the two well-dressed strangers.

“This bangle… h-how do you have this bangle…” Auntie Lin looked up at the little girl in shock.

Her bright eyes studied her face, and the familiarity in her eyes made her almost tear up.

“This bangle was on my wrist seventeen years ago.

You recognize this bangle, so you must have been the one who sent me to Muyang Town, right”

“Thats right, thats right.

It was me… I was the one who sent you to the Liang family…” Auntie Lin looked at the little girl who had grown up.

She gripped the gold bangle in her hand and suddenly started crying.

Yun Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

It was no wonder that when she had gotten a photo from her second aunt in Muyang Town, and showed it to her uncle, he had said that it wasnt that person, but the woman before her that had sent her to the countryside.

Now that she had found her, she was suddenly afraid to know what had happened back then.

If she was the one sent to the Liang family, where was the real Yun Xi

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