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Chapter 164: Snatch Her Away

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Yun Xi sat, sneaking glances at the man to her right who was sitting in the most important seat at the table.

In front of the assembled elders, he was the junior.

However, his identity identified him as of superior status.

She had to admit that in Jingdu his status and accomplishments warranted the special treatment he received.

Mu Feichi was the only Young Marshal in country C.

He had given meritorious services and came from a century-old distinguished family.

His family was extremely renowned.

Whether in terms of business or industry or compared to other distinguished families, they were unrivaled in terms of affluence.

None of the four large distinguished families dared to offend him.

And Mu Feichi, as the heir of this family and the youngest patriarch, was domineering and resolute.

Even elders like Mr.

Jiang and Mr.

Chen had to revere him.

At that moment, Yun Xi suddenly realized that the distance between her and Mu Feichi was about 1,000 miles.

When Jiang Henglin saw Yun Xi, his face showed unconcealed disgust and contempt.

In his eyes, a vindictive woman like Yun Xi appearing in such a place meant nothing more than her trying to social climb by any means.

He felt that she was a hypocrite who was approaching the Chen family with ulterior motives.

Yun Xi remained impassive, and she turned a completely blind eye to Jiang Henglins hostility.

“Hello, Grandpa Jiang!” As a junior, Yun Xi first greeted him.

“The girl is here too! I just heard from the housekeeper that you cured the old Madames disease.

Is that true”

“Thats because old Madame is lucky.

I was simply making the medicine according to the prescriptions.”

Yun Xi smiled softly, her youthful face looking like a lotus that was blooming after the rain, dewy and fresh.

She didnt ask for credit or show off, and there wasnt even the slightest bit of smugness in her smile.

Her humility and modesty made her seem very attractive.

“What a humble girl!” Old Madame Chen stood up with a smile and gazed at Mr.

Jiang, who was opposite her.

“Well, I can stand up now thanks to Yun Xi.

The so-called experts from all the hospitals tried to persuade me to have an operation.

I knew I didnt need an operation, and now I can stand up thanks to Yun Xis foot massages and knowledge of Chinese medicine.”

Old man Jiang had come to visit earlier while Madame Chen was bedridden, and he was shocked to see that old Madame Chen really could stand up.

He hadnt expected Yun Xis medical skills to be so good.

Seeing the astonished expression on his old friends face, old man Chen smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

“I havent been sleeping well recently, so I slept on a medicine pillow that Yun Xi gave me.

Ive had a good nights sleep every day since, and Im full of energy.

Didnt she give you one too”

Old man Jiang appeared ill at ease and smiled awkwardly.

“I havent used it yet…”

When hed gotten the medicine pillow, hed only treated it as an act of this girls filial piety, and he hadnt used it even once.

“Ah, you!” Old man Chen shook his head, then said jokingly, “Ive heard that your grandson doesnt like Yun Xi very much.

If your family dislikes Yun Xi, why not…”

Before old man Chen could finish speaking, old man Jiang knew that he had fallen into a trap.

“Hey, old man, why are you always trying to snatch our Yun Xi away This is my future granddaughter-in-law, so why are you messing with her”

“Im just saying this out of consideration for your grandson.

Your grandson doesnt like Yun Xi, but my grandson likes her.”

“Youve made it clear that you want to snatch her away.”

“Whats wrong with getting it out in the air Yun Xi is our Chen familys benefactor, and we definitely wont treat her badly!”


The two old men started to pinch each other after disagreeing, and Yun Xi sat across from them, looking embarrassed and intrigued.

Shouldnt they first ask her for her opinion when discussing her marriage in her presence

When Jiang Henglin saw that the Chen family cared about Yun Xi so much, he looked at Yun Xi, and the contempt in his eyes deepened.

“Hmph, pretentious hypocrite.

Dont think that just because Grandpa likes you, you can marry into the Jiang family.

I hate you, you venomous and calculating woman.”

“…” As soon as Jiang Henglin said this, the large dining room instantly fell silent.

The two old men turned their heads to look at him, and their faces immediately darkened.

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