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Yun Xi knew that even though Aunt Lin had waited at the village entrance for a year, her mother didnt turn up.

If there had not been an accident, a mother with a child would not have broken her promise.

Her mother had probably disappeared since then.

“How did you survive that year”

“At that time, spring plowing was e you heard anything about my mother”

Since Rong Rong had disappeared near Muyang Town, this was both the starting point and the endpoint.

After so many years, it would not be easy to find her.

“No… I married someone in my hometown and gave birth to a son.

It was that man that you saw earlier.

His father had a bad temper and kept beating me.

When I couldnt live with it anymore, I divorced him, and he had custody of the child.

Later, I followed my hometown friend here to be someones nanny.

The boy followed his father and grew up with bad habits and followed in his footsteps, becoming an idle man.

I didnt expect him to come here to steal from me…”

Yun Xi looked at her and then at the shabby house.

She released a light sigh, “Aunt Lin, are you living alone now”

“Yes, Im currently working part-time at a nearby factory.

That good-for-nothing b*stard comes to ask me for money from time to time.

He sold all the valuables at home, and he owes others a lot of money.

I cant leave before he clears his debt…”

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