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“Ive already paid off your debt.

Why dont you come and live with us at Jingdu If you are worried that you might be bored there, why dont you help look after me and together we can wait for my mother to return.

What do you think”

In the end, fate had tied Yun Xi and Aunt Lin together.

No matter what had happened in the past, she was still thankful to the woman.

“Miss, I…” Aunt Lin looked at Yun Xis familiar and innocent face, and it reminded her of the kind and strong lady she had met eighteen years ago.

With tears in her eyes, she nodded.

“Well be staying here for two days.

Why dont you take care of the stuff you need to take care of, and well come to pick you up when were about to leave,” Yun Xi said and paused to look out the window.

“As for your son…”

“I-its hopeless.

Theres no way he can change that attitude of his anymore.

It has only worsened over the years.”

“You dont have to worry about him then.

He wont be able to find you once you get to Jingdu.

Hes not young either.

Its about time he takes care of his own life.

Just leave him to me.

You dont have to worry about a thing.

All you have to do is leave with us.”

Xiao Jinglin got up as his eyes laid on the necklace.

“Ill be taking this with me.”

“Of course.

This belongs to the miss, to begin with.

Im just returning it to its rightful owner.”

When Yun Xi got out of the building, she looked at the frivolous man sitting by the flower bed.

Most of the time, one would be able to learn about another person just by looking into their eyes.

Unlike Xiang Yuanxun, the man in front of her was hopeless.

Yun Xi decided not to waste more time on the man.

She knocked on the window of the car and Xiaoer rolled it down.

“Give me the money,” she requested.

Xiaoer removed a thick envelope from the glove compartment.

Yun Xi took it and looked at the man sitting by the flower bed.

“This is the money for the things that you stole.”

“Really” The mans eyes widened immediately.

He quickly snatched the envelope and started counting the money in it.

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“For a man who lived his life without even working once, youre hopeless.

Your mother doesnt have anything worth any money anymore.

The only thing that she has left is that necklace and Im buying it.

You do know that she still owes other people a lot of money because of your debt, right”

“That has nothing to do with me!” The moment the man heard about the debt, he quickly grasped the money tightly in his hands.

“She said shes going to help me pay it off! It has nothing to do with me anymore!”

“You sure are shameless,” Yun Xi scoffed.

“She said she couldnt pay off the debt anymore.

Im taking her with me.

Dont even try looking for her.

She doesnt need an ungrateful son like you.

If you want that money, you have to sever your relationship with her.”

“Hell, no! Do you think this money is enough”

The moment he heard that Yun Xi wanted him to sever his relationship with his mother, he immediately jumped up.

He had the eyes of a man filled with greed.

Yun Xi coldly smiled as she stared at the man—her eyes sent a chill down his spine.

He never thought that the young lady in front of him would look so scary.

“It looks like you still dont understand the situation here.

Im not asking for your permission.

If you arent happy with that, Ill take that money back, and Ill still be taking her with me.

Do you really need me to teach you some manners”

Yun Xi extended her hand to take the money back, and the man quickly jumped back.

“How can you take the money back after youve given it to me You want her, right Be my guest! I dont want that poor mother anyway!”

Yun Xi eyed the despicable man coldly and roared, “Get lost!”

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