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When Yun Xi got into the car, Xiao Jinglin turned to look at her and sighed.

His daughter had the same personality as her mother—they were both too kind.

“You dont really have to do anything for someone like that.”

“I know its not worth it, but there are things that are better done than left undone.”

Quan Zongrui understood why Yun Xi did that and smiled.

“Miss Yun sure is an interesting person.

I now see why you have Jinzhi in your hands now.

You know, Im starting to envy him.”

Even though Yun Xi was still young, she was courageous enough to go into deadly battlefields where dangers lurked in every corner with Mu Feichi and was able to single-handedly topple the balance in Jingdu that had remained the same for years.

All the things that she had done would be more than enough to surprise and shock all who had learnt about it.

Yun Xi smiled, knowing that Quan Zongrui had already seen through her intention.

“Thank you for the compliments, Mr.

Quan.” She then handed Xiaoer the information and requested, “Xiaoer, can you help pay off all of Aunt Lins debts The faster we handle this, the earlier we can go back.”

“Of course, Young Miss.

Where are we headed to now”

“Lets go back to the hotel for a quick rest first.

Well then head over to the Quan Familys mansion for dinner.”



Quan, Ill have to trouble you to arrange the dinner then.”

Han Yaotian gave Qiao Dehao one day to consider his proposal.

Even though Qiao Ximin knew what she had to do, she still tried to stall it for as long as she could.

Unfortunately, the next morning, Qiao Dehao brought the matter up again during breakfast.

He mentioned that accepting the proposal was the best option for the family.

That shattered any hopes that Qiao Ximin was holding to.

“Why do I have to sacrifice my future for the trouble he caused” Qiao Ximin yelled as she pointed at her brother.

“Am I not your daughter Hes just a b*stard child! This doesnt make any sense!”

Qiao Ximin finally exploded in anger—especially at the fact that Qiao Dehao valued his son more than her.

“Is this how you talk to your father” Qiao Xinli yelled.

“Han Yaotian asked for you, not me! As the young miss of the Qiao Family, dont you know that this marriage will benefit the whole family Everyone now knows about the one-night stand you had with him anyway! Are you still dreaming of marrying the Young Commander”

“Shut the hell up! You better not get on my nerves or Im sending you to prison myself even if it means that I have to embarrass the whole family!”

Qiao Xinli was stupid enough to challenge his sister when she was trying to vent her anger and it made Qiao Dehao anxious.

“Xinli! Keep your mouth shut!” The father was genuinely worried that Qiao Ximin would carry out her threat and warned his son with an angry glare.

“Min, I know you dont like Han Yaotian, but hes threatening the whole family with your brothers incident.

I know you dont want to do this, but we dont have a choice.

Our position as one of the Big Four Conglomerate Families is hanging by a thread.

It took us years of hard work to get to where we are, and as the young miss of the family, our pride is your pride too.

But, if our reputation gets tarnished now, itll be difficult for us to get back to where we are again.”

Qiao Ximin lowered her head and remained silent.

She began to think of the things she wanted in return from Qiao Dehao—which made sense if they wanted to sacrifice her.

“Fine! I will marry him on a few conditions!”

“Of course! What do you want”

As long as his son and his familys pride were intact, Qiao Dehao was willing to do anything.

However, he did not expect that the first thing Qiao Ximin would ask was something he could not agree to.

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