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Mu Feichis off-road vehicle was in the lead as Xiao Jinglin and his guards cars followed closely behind until they reached a cliff that was just outside the village entrance.

Aunt Lin got out of the car, and Yun Xi and Xiao Jinglin followed her.

The road was expanded for cars to drive through as a reward after a man from the village had contributed to the military.

However, twenty years had passed since then, and the road was starting to wear off.

Yun Xi did not have any high hopes that they would find anything at the cliff as she had grown up in the village and had taken the same road in and out of the village a lot.

Unlike her, Xiao Jinglin had never been to Muyang.

He stood next to Aunt Lin and quietly listened to her as she reminisced about everything that had happened twenty years ago.

“I heard that the real Yun Xi and the married couple fell down this cliff,” Yun Xi said as she grabbed Mu Feichis arm.

“Theres no way they could have survived the fall.

Your troop has a base set up under there for years now.

Did they ever find any bodies or their remains”

“Do you think we are a rescue team or something” the man scoffed as he pointed at a slope above them.

“A huge mudslide happened here a few years back, and the construction company also dumped all the remaining rocks they used to build this road down this cliff.

The bottom of this cliff is pretty much covered with mud and rocks.

Unless we dig through that, theres no way well be able to find anything.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She had taken the identity of Yun Xi for two lives.

Even though she wasnt the real child of the Yun family, she believed that God had his purpose for her to live on as Yun Xi.

The only reason she was still alive was that her mother had sacrificed everything to protect her.

Not only that, but also she owed it to Aunt Lin for taking care of her when she was a baby and her uncle for raising her to an adult.

No matter what happened, she believed that being alive was a blessing from God to her.

When they got back into the car, Yun Xi suddenly remembered something and reminded the man next to her while giggling, “Hey, you shouldnt try and take me away from my dad all the time.

He has been waiting for years to reunite with me.

Dont you think it will hurt him if you keep doing this If he doesnt agree to us dating, then its on you.

Im not going to help you.”

“Do I look like Im that heartless Why do I have the feeling youre taking your fathers side now”

“See! Even you will feel hurt because of this.

Think about him for a second.

You should grow up a little.

Dont always cling on to me like—”

Before Yun Xi could finish her sentence, the man suddenly moved his face toward her and kissed her.

The kiss lasted for a long minute before he pulled himself back and stared at her with an expressionless face.

“Dont even think about it!” he warned.

Yun Xi laughed as there was nothing she could do to change the childish and prideful mans determination.

They continued their journey to Mu Feichis base after that.

It was an emotional trip for Yun Xi when she once again returned to the place where she regained consciousness after being reincarnated and first met Mu Feichi.

After a short rest, Mu Feichi ordered his intelligence unit to take the photo given by Aunt Lin and gather any information they could in the village, while he brought Yun Xi and Xiao Jinglin to visit the Liang familys house.

When Yun Xi stood in front of the empty house that she had lived in for more than a decade, tears began to fill her eyes as she thought about all that she had been through.

Some of the memories that shouldve become blurry as time passed were suddenly all very clear in her head as she stood in front of the garden.

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