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When Yun Xi woke up, she could feel the sweat dripping down her forehead.

She woke up not because she had had enough rest, but because the room was starting to get too hot from the heater.

The moment Mu Feichi heard the slightest movement from the bed, he got up from the couch and moved toward her to turn on the lamp on the bedside table.

He then looked at the lady who was drenched in sweat and sighed.

“How are you feeling” he asked as he took a few pieces of tissue from the bedside table and wiped the sweat off her face and neck.

“Im fine…” It took Yun Xi a second to realize what had happened.

She took her hands out from under the blanket and, with her face completely red from the heat, held them out.

“Help me up.

My head hurts from lying in bed.”

“Alright.” Mu Feichi helped her up and adjusted the blanket for her.

“Su Hang came to take a look at you just now.

He said its the side effect of taking the contraceptive pills and the anti-inflammatory drug.

Your body could not handle having that many chemicals in it.

Thats why it hurt so much.

Theres no way Im letting you take anymore contraceptive pills again.”

The Young Commander was deeply hurt by the sight of Yun Xi agonized by the pain.

“Come on, its no big deal.” Yun Xi looked at the mans hurt expression and saw the faint bruise on his cheek.

She quickly grabbed him by his chin and checked.

She was sure that the man had just gotten punched.

“Mu Three-Years-Old, what is this Did you get into a fight”

Yun Xi was surprised because she couldnt think of anyone in Jingdu who dared to touch him, much less punch him in the face.

Mu Feichi took her hand away from his chin and grunted, seemingly not wanting to answer the question.

“You…” Yun Xi studied the mans expression for a while.

When she recalled that her father was present when she fainted, she couldnt help but grin.

“Wait! Dont tell me… my dad did that” she asked with a laugh.

“Duh!” the man grunted.

To hide how awkward he was feeling, he quickly poured her a cup of hot water mixed with brown sugar and handed it to her.

“Here, drink this while its still hot.”

Yun Xi licked her lips when the sweet aroma entered her nose.

She poked the bruise on Mu Feichis cheek and asked, “Why did my dad hit you”

Even though she could guess why Xiao Jinglin would hit Mu Feichi, it was still hard for her to picture that a kind man like him would get that furious.

“He was already worried like hell when you fainted.

Do you think he would remain calm when he heard you were taking contraceptive pills Since this is all my fault, it only felt right to take Uncle Jings punch head-on.”

“Well, if you feel bad about it, then you better treat me like a queen.

Youll have to listen to my every order twenty-four-seven.

You know, something like fetching my drink and food, without any complaints.”

The man immediately laughed at the joke.

If there was a person that had the nerve to order him around, it would be the lady in front of him.

Even his father would not dare give Mu Feichi such an order, not to mention asking him to do a servants job as well.

“What are you staring at I wont force you if you dont like it.”

“Ill do as you wish, my queen,” laughed Mu Feichi as he pinched Yun Xis cheek.

After making sure that Yun Xi was the only woman he wanted in his life, Mu Feichi had decided to walk down the path of taking good care of her, to the point where others might think that he was being too nice to her.

Even so, he would still treat her with the same importance as he does his country.

“Get some rest.

Theres good news for you.”

Yun Xi took a few sips of the sweet drink and raised her head to ask, “What good news”

“Just as you have hoped, the Han family and Qiao family are preparing for a wedding.”

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