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“I wont stop you from returning to the Yun family for the New Year.

And, Ill personally settle the problem with them once you are ready.”

Xiao Jinglin knew how everyone in the Yun family had treated Yun Xi.

Although she wasnt the real Yun Xi, as her real father, he still had to repay them for raising her.

It wasnt as if Yun Xi had never thought of leaving the Yun family; it was just that the time wasnt right.

She hadnt found the chance to do that yet.

No matter how badly Yun Yuanfeng had treated her, she still had her grandfather, who had made her who she was.

There was no way she would not repay that kindness.

“Well leave dealing with the Yun family until another time,” Yun Xi said.

“At least until we find my mother first.”

Leaving the Yun family wasnt the most important matter for Yun Xi at that moment, especially not when Yun Yuanfeng was on the verge of getting a promotion.

If he had learned who Yun Xi really was, he wouldve asked for a lot of things from Xiao Jinglin.

Yun Xi would never have minded if Yun Yuanfeng had actually shown her the love a parent should show their child, but for the past eighteen years, she had never felt an ounce of love from the man she thought was her father.

There was no way she would let such a man trouble her real father.

“Well do that then,” Xiao Jinglin nodded.

Although he could leave the matter for another time, he still wanted his daughter to live with him.

“Since your grandfather is here too, lets have a housewarming party.

Considering you are still a student, weve chosen a house thats not far from the campus.

Its equipped with almost anything you can think of.

Just let Xiaoer and Xiaosi know if you need anything else.

Ive also moved all of my security detail back here, so that place is as safe as Mu Mansion.”

That was what was troubling Yun Xi the most at the moment.

On one side was her father, while on the other side was the man she loved.

No matter who she picked, she would upset the other one.

It was something that she just couldnt choose.

“About that…” Yun Xi turned around and tugged Mu Feichis shirt as if she wanted him to give his opinion.

The Young Commander looked at the lady who was borderline begging him and then at his future father-in-law.

In the end, he came up with a solution that would benefit both of them.

“Since Uncle Jing has finally gotten reunited with his daughter after all these years, it wouldve been unfair for me to keep her to myself.

Why dont we let her stay with you for the time being”

After getting punched by Xiao Jinglin, Mu Feichi came to realize that his future father-in-law would never go down without a fight.

He knew he had to find a way to make sure her father wouldnt hate him.

If Xiao Jinglin was just no more than a normal man, he couldve settled it with money.

Unfortunately for him, the head of the Xiao family had all the money and power a man couldve ever wanted.

Not only could Mu Feichi not buy Yun Xi out, but Xiao Jinglin was more than rich enough to slap a thick check on his face to make him leave Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi had decided to hold his urges down to prevent any unwanted complications and to ensure that he could marry Yun Xi in the future.

In the end, he would still be able to live a larger part of his life with Yun Xi in the future.

Yun Xi turned to look at the Young Commander in utter shock, not expecting that he would actually let her live with her father.

She stared into his eyes, wanting to make sure that she had heard the right thing.

Also, she didnt want him to come to terms with her father now and then ask for repayment from her once they were in bed.

“Great! Now that this is settled, lets celebrate New Years Eve at the new mansion then!”

Xiao Jinglin didnt add anything else now that Mu Feichi had agreed to let Yun Xi move.


Im pretty sure no one will head back to the Yun family this New Years Eve.

Ill let Grandpa know beforehand.”

Yun Xi was right that almost no one in the Yun family would be celebrating New Years Eve.

With Yun Ziling in the psych ward, Liang Xiuqin in prison, and Yun Yuanfeng running about for his unborn son, only a few members would still be available.

It wouldnt be New Years Eve if most of the family members werent present to celebrate it.

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