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The moment the call was hung up, Yun Xi couldnt help but applaud Mu Feichis decisiveness.

“You couldve told him that.

Why did you want me to do it” Mu Feichi looked at the lady who was grinning like a villain.

The call was more than enough to suppress his desire.

Yun Xi tried to pull her hand back again, and to her surprise, she was able to do so.

She then quickly crossed her arms to prevent him from doing the same thing again.

She wasnt sure if the man was satisfied or if his desire had died down from the call, but now that she had her hand back, she wasnt worried anymore.

“Young Commander, did your teacher never teach you the proverbthe fox borrows the tigers awe”

Mu Feichi couldnt help but laugh as he hugged the lady in his arms tightly, “Well, my teacher never taught me to describe myself as a wild animal.”

Realizing what she had said, Yun Xi raised her head to glare at the man and quickly changed the topic.

“Im heading to the Chen Mansion today.

Do you want to go together”

“Why should I Its not like you are going to head to the Mu family mansion.”

“Is that jealousy I hear in you”


Its called masculinity.”

“You sure are childish.” Yun Xi sat up and watched the prideful man get out of bed and head into the bathroom.

She got out of bed as well and leaned against the door.

“Im going to visit Old Master Chen and Old Madam Chen before the New Year since Ill be busy then.

Why are you making it sound like Im going to cheat on you Heck, even if I wanted to, the firewall youve set up would be impossible to crack.”

Yun Xi tried to explain to the best of her ability so that the man would not get jealous.

However, after a few seconds of silence, the man suddenly opened the shower door and glared at her.

“Wow! Look at you.

Trying to crack the firewall now, eh”

Yun Xi quickly shook her head, “N-no! Of course not…”

“Then what are you standing there for Could it be that you want to clean me up”

It was only then that Yun Xi lowered her head to look at his naked body.

She coughed a little and shook her head before turning her reddened face around and leaving.

Knowing that the bathroom was the scariest place in the morning, there was no way she would head in there.

If she did, she might not come back out alive.

When they finally got down to the living room, Xiao Jinglin was already waiting for them there.

After a quick breakfast, she headed to the Chen family mansion with her father in his car.

Not long after Yun Xi and Xiao Jinglin had left, Mu Feichi finally pulled out the phone that had been vibrating in his pocket for ages.

The caller ID was encrypted, and his expression turned serious immediately.

“What is it” he asked, immediately going straight to the topic after answering the call.

“Sir! We have located ground zero for the virus outbreak in Country F and confirmed that its from the third missing test tube.

Weve also caught the person who released it.

He said that hes the Crocodile, but judging from the number of fakes weve caught in the past, were pretty sure this is just another decoy.”

“I see.

Bring that person back here.

Also, Ill need a report from the special forces on how he managed to escape our country and into Country F with something so dangerous in his possession! Someone must be helping him, and I want to know who it is!”

“Sir!” Fenghuang Cheng nodded on the other side of the phone and paused for a second.

“The government has also received information that a group of mercenaries has managed to sneak into our country.

Judging from their direction, they estimate that they are heading to Jingdu.

As they arent sure of their goals yet, the government has requested our assistance in stopping them.

We cant let anything happen in Jingdu as the New Year is near.”

“Bring Le Lei and a team with you to assist them.

Im heading back to the headquarters for a meeting.

Something big is about to go down in Jingdu.

Be careful.”

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