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Chen Yichen had requested his chef to prepare lunch, knowing that Yun Xi would come and visit.

If preparations were made beforehand, then Yun Xi would not get the chance to refuse dining at the mansion.

Now that Yun Xi had Xiaoer and Xiaosi following her all the time, she started to realize the benefits of becoming the young lady of such a prestigious family.

In the past, she wouldve prepared for the New Year all by herself, but now the guards had done that for her, and they even did a better job than her.

The guards even prepared presents for the families they were going to visit throughout the festive season.

As Xiao Jinglin was an important guest, Shen Ziliang had been waiting by the entrance with his wife and son.

However, this time, Xiao Jinglin visited the Chen family with another identity.

He was there as Yun Xis father.

Even though that wasnt the fathers first time meeting Chen Yichen, he couldnt help but study the young man who had been taking very good care of his daughter.

According to their countrys tradition, Yun Xi greeted the old master and old madam and wished them an early Happy New Year.

As they chatted, Xiao Jinglin mentioned Yun Xis actual identity to Shen Ziliang and his wife, and thanked Jiang Wanyun for providing him with the information about the brooch.

Jiang Wanyun was both shocked and thankful when she learned that Yun Xi wasnt from the Yun family.

The woman knew what kind of life the lady had been through after she had arrived in Jingdu two years ago.

Having Liang Xiuqin as her mother was the worst part of it.

Jiang Wanyun couldnt help but feel happy for Yun Xi for finding her real father.

“But, if she isnt Yun Xi, then wheres the girl who was promised to the Jiang family the moment she was born”

“That child…” Xiao Jinglin sighed.

“She fell from a cliff when the Yun family hired someone to take her to Muyang.

We only learned about it a few weeks ago.”

Xiao Jinglin then briefly explained the whole situation and didnt go into detail as it involved a lot of the Xiao familys private matters.

“For her to meet such an ill fate…”

As the adults talked, Chen Yichen quietly watched the lady who was sitting across from him.

Instead of being the young lady of the Yun family, she was now the heir of the prestigious Xiao family, a status that was on par with nobility.

Compared to a super tycoon family like the Xiao family, their family looked weak and powerless.

If it was in the past, he would at least try to compete with the Young Commander for a shot at dating her.

However, now, there was another obstacle in front of him that shattered any hope he still had.

Chen Yichen wasnt like his usual self as he would sometimes find himself staring at Yun Xi for a prolonged period.

Anything he wanted to say to her was stopped by what Xiao Jinglin had just announced.

For her to have such a powerful father and boyfriend meant that he wasnt needed in her life anymore.

On their way back, Yun Xi suddenly asked her father, “Did you mention my real identity to them just so that you could let the eldest heir realize the difference in our status”

Not expecting that his daughter would see through his intention, Xiao Jinglin laughed and nodded, “Dont tell me you still cant see that he has feelings for you”

“Ive already made it clear to him that I like Mu Feichi and have politely rejected him.

Im not sure if hes just ignorant or playing dumb…”

“Well, if letting him know that you are my daughter can make him give up, then isnt that a good thing Its better to let him face the truth now rather than later, right At least making him give up when hes still not all head over heels for you now is better than waiting until he has done too much to get your attention.”

“Youre right.

I shouldnt toy with a mans feelings.”

Yun Xi clearly understood who she loved the most.

That was why she would never even consider dating Chen Yichen.

In the end, there would be winners and losers in a love rivalry, but never sympathy.

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