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When Yun Xi got a call from Yun Yuanfeng, she was about to head to the Mu family mansion with her father for an early New Year visit and to bring Old Master Xiao back to Mount Tianyu.

As the Xiao family and Mu family had been acquainted long ago, Old Master Xiao had been staying with the Mu family when Yun Xi and Xiao Jinglin had gone to Muyang to look for Rong Rong.

Old Master Xiao couldve stayed with the Si family, but after seeing how his granddaughter acted, he didnt want to.

As his staying with the Mu family was no secret, Si Jingting could only sigh in embarrassment when he learned about it.

“Yes” Yun Xi simply answered the call.

Now that she had found her real father, she couldnt address Yun Yuanfeng as her father anymore, especially when the latter had never shown her any love that a father should.

“Its New Years Eve today.

Are you coming home tonight Im bringing a guest with me, and I want you to meet her.

You are already on your break, right”

“I am, but I still have a lot to do.

I have a lot of charity-related issues to work out.

Is she someone important”

Yun Xi didnt have to ask Yun Yuanfeng, as she already knew who he was going to bring home.

Whether it was in her past or current life, she would do everything she could to avoid meeting Yun Yuanfengs lover.

In Yun Xis past life, Yun Yuanfengs lover was able to fight with Liang Xiuqin even when she was a few months into her pregnancy, resulting in a few tragedies that followed the fight.

The lover might look fragile and caring on the outside, but Yun Xi knew she wasnt someone with a good heart.

However, she was Yun Yuanfengs type.

“Um… shes someone I want to introduce to you…”

Yun Xi was no longer the weak little girl she used to be, especially now that the Young Commander had made their relationship public.

No matter how badly Yun Yuanfeng treated that daughter of his, he was now looking at her as if she was his savior.

His and his familys futures now depended on her, and she was able to ruin them if she wanted to.


Ill be back at night.

I still have a lot to do, so Ill hang up first.”

Yun Xi didnt even give Yun Yuanfeng any chance to explain and hung up the call.

Xiao Jinglin looked at his daughter, who now remained silent, and patted her head.

“Its okay if you dont want to go back.

The only thing that Yun Yuanfeng wants is a free pass to success.

Whatever he wants, I can give it to him.”

“Im fine.

You dont have to worry about me.

Im making some calculations in my head.

The woman hes bringing back this time should be around six months into her pregnancy.

Isnt he even embarrassed to bring his lover, whos pregnant, back home now Im sure Grandpa will get angry once again.”

“Ive looked into Yun Yuanfeng already.

He sure is corrupted.

If his higher-ups start looking into him, theres no way he can hide everything.

A person who has a lot of evidence to prove all the dealings behind the governments back will become a sacrificial lamb in the political world.

Its better if you solve this now than later.

If hes pushed into a corner, hell do anything to milk everything out of you.

That will become a huge problem.

If you dont want that to happen, then youll have to show him who is in charge now.”

“I know, but well have to stall this until the New Year is over.

Im sure Grandpa will be angry with Yun Yuanfeng for bringing his lover back.

If I tell Grandpa that Im leaving the Yun family now, Im scared that he might not be able to handle the shock.”

“You sure are a good kid.

Ill respect your decision.

Just tell me when the time feels right, and Ill handle the rest.”

“I will,” Yun Xi nodded as she looked at the man who was extremely worried about her well-being.

Ever since her real father learned about her existence, he had been doing his best to make up for the fatherly love that she had never felt for the past eighteen years.

However, Yun Xi never once blamed him, as none of that was his fault.

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