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Besides going to send her grandfather back to Mu Mansion on Mount Tianyu, Yun Xi thought she was just visiting the Mu family for Chinese New Year in advance.

But she was shocked when she entered the house.

Mu Feichi was with her the last time she visited, and she could rely on him for any situation.

Although she had her biological father with her this time, this visit felt like she was there to meet her future in-laws!

Yun Xi finally understood why Mu Feichi looked at her so affectionately when she left.

So, he clearly knew this would happen when she was going to visit his grandfather for Chinese New Year, together with her biological father!

Yun Xi whacked Mu Feichi several times in her imagination and tried to calm herself down.

When she looked up again, she smiled and greeted all the Mu familys elders and relatives in the living room.

Mu Feichi wasnt with her.

So, his younger brother, Mu Chenhao, introduced their relatives to her.

This boy was rather intelligent and quick-witted.

Since Mu Feichi wasnt around, he hovered around Yun Xi and was great at trying to butter her up.

“This is our third paternal aunt and uncle.

Then the one over here is our aunt, the wife of my fathers youngest cousin.”

Yun Xi smiled and greeted each of them after the introduction.

After a while, she even felt like her facial muscles werent cooperating with her anymore.

The two elders sat together, and they looked at the gentle and polite girl with a satisfied expression on their faces.

Even though Yun Xi did not grow up in the Xiao family, she still had the elegant temperament of a lady from an esteemed family.

There was absolutely nothing about her that they could pick on.

Old Master Mu heard from Old Master Xiao about Yun Xis real identity in the past few days.

Old Master Mu had always liked Yun Xi, and she also happened to be the only girl that his precious grandson ever brought home.

It would also be a great event if the Mu family and Xiao family became in-laws in the future.

It had been a while since it was so lively in the Mu familys house.

Though he was the family head, Mu Feichi would only be home for the reunion dinner.

There were times that he even had to work on the eve of Chinese New Year.

But this year, so many people came and gathered because of Yun Xi, so Old Master Mu was thrilled.


My old comrades, those you had met before, said they would be here when they heard that you were coming.

How about we have dinner together If its too much of a hassle for you, I will get the butler to reject them.”

“Oh no, its alright.

I will go along with your arrangement.”

Yun Xi did not expect to stay for dinner.

So, it seemed like she would have to push back her appointment with Yun Yuanfeng.

He had wanted her to meet him and his mistress for a meal together.

While chatting, Old Master Mu mentioned that Mrs.

Feng had gotten pregnant after taking Yun Xis Chinese herbal medicine prescription.

A few of them then responded and asked her to talk about it.

Looking at how curious everyone was, the news must have spread in the circle.

Yun Xi briefly explained some pharmacology principles and humbly mentioned that she wasnt as miraculous as the others had said.

She also told them that, as a physician, she couldnt ignore them when she knew how to solve the ailment.

“Just like her mother, she studied medicine.

Her skills were quite remarkable too.”

What Xiao Jinglin heard the most was people praising his outstanding daughter throughout the day.

Besides Yun Xis impressive medical skills, many talked about how courteous and well-mannered she was.

All this made him feel really proud.

“This child is kind-hearted and has a pair of healing hands.

She is still young but is already well-known in our circle!”

“Since Grandpa is full of praise for this little girl, do you think she can be your granddaughter-in-law then”

Mu Feichis voice came from the entrance hall before Xiao Jinglin could say anything.

As soon as those in the living room heard his voice, they turned to look at him.

“…” The crowd in the house had already made Yun Xi feel awkward, as she felt like she was there to meet her future in-laws.

So, what Mu Feichi said made her feel even more embarrassed! But with so many people around, she couldnt even find a hole to hide in!

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