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Yun Yuanfeng had always been great at betraying his daughters for his own good.

He was also better than anyone else at keeping up appearances.

As long as Mu Feichis name was brought up, Yun Yuanfeng would always put his affairs aside, no matter how important they were.

And, he wouldnt even care about whether his daughter would be at a disadvantage.

After all, in his opinion, Yun Xi was the lucky one to be dating the Young Commander.

“I am relieved to hear that.” Yun Xi then turned to look at the woman who was staring at her.

She smiled and said, “This is Auntie Lin”


I am Lin Shuhua.” Pulling her hand away from Yun Yuanfeng, Lin Shuhua deliberately stood up to greet Yun Xi while supporting her pregnant belly.

Her deliberate move to stand up made Yun Yuanfeng anxious.

“You dont have to stand up to talk when you are with the family.

Quickly sit down, and be careful not to hurt yourself.”

Yun Xi smirked as she could see that Lin Shuhua stood up on purpose.

It seemed like this woman definitely had a few tricks up her sleeves, that even Liang Xiuqin was nothing as compared to her.

Yun Xi introduced herself calmly while keeping all her emotions in check.

“Im Yun Xi, Yun Yuanfengs eldest daughter.”

Lin Shuhua was already showing her prowess in front of Yun Xi.

Although all these tricks could convince and coax her father into doing anything, Yun Xi found them to be rather mediocre.


You can call me Auntie Lin.

Your father and I—”

Yun Xi smiled.

She then turned to look at Yun Yuanfeng.

He looked just like a loving family man, and she had never seen him like that in both her lifetimes.

Yun Xi interrupted Lin Shuhua before she could finish her sentence.

“Dad, I see that you brought Auntie Lin home today.

Do you intend to marry her, or did you only want us to meet and get to know her”

“We…” Yun Yuanfeng looked at the frail-looking Lin Shuhua in his arms.

“Auntie Lin is pregnant with my child now, and I just cant let the child be fatherless.

I also didnt want the child to be born without a legitimate identity, so we must get married!”

“So, you brought her home just to inform us about the wedding, is that it What did Grandpa say”

“Even if your grandfather disagrees, I cant let Auntie Lin face this alone, right”

Yun Xi nodded, “Since shes already pregnant with your child, we should let the child have a legitimate identity.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be nice if people heard that you had an illegitimate son.


Lin Shuhua looked up and stared at Yun Xi with a sullen expression.

Although Yun Xi seemed easy to talk to, Lin Shuhua felt that things wouldnt be that simple.

She felt like whatever she did had no effect on Yun Xi at all.

“But what” Yun Yuanfeng looked puzzled.

“Her pregnancy is starting to show.

So even if both of you wanted to get married, Im afraid you probably cant hold a wedding ceremony.

If guests were to see her with a pregnant belly, they would know that she got pregnant way before you divorced our mother.

They would think that you had cheated on your wife, which wouldnt look good on you.”

“This…” Yun Yuanfeng froze.

“We had thought of this problem previously.

But this would be her first marriage, so I didnt want to deny her a wedding ceremony.

She wanted to hold a wedding because people might not see her as part of the Yun family if we were only to register our marriage.

She is my legal wife, after all.”

Yun Xi looked coldly at the woman who kept staring at her.

Although the woman was still smiling politely, the expression on her face had gradually darkened.

Lin Shuhua was just a mistress whom Yun Yuanfeng cheated on his wife with.

She tore a married couple apart and ruined a family.

Yet, she wanted to have a glamorous wedding so that everyone would see her as Yun Yuanfengs legitimate wife.

What an ambitious woman!

“Its all up to you then, since you are worried about letting Auntie Lin down! However, if there are any rumors or gossip, the only thing you can do is ignore them.

After all, to gain something, you would have to give up on some things!”

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