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Chapter 167: Your Smarts Are All Street Smarts

In the car, Yun Xi could sense that Young Marshal Mu had become quite sulky.

When he had been confronting Jiang Henglin before, he had been domineering without considering the other persons pride.

With his status, he really didnt need to consider other peoples moods when doing things.

But it was unfortunate for the Jiang family to be dragged down by that idiot Jiang Henglin.

It was a terrible one-bad-apple-ruined-the-lot situation.

As she was thinking about it, Mu Feichi stopped the car at the intersection.

“Youve caught the fish, so what do you plan to do now Steam it Braise it in brown sauce”

“Huh” Yun Xi snapped back to reality, then raised her head dazedly and looked into a pair of pitch-black eyes.

His handsome, striking facial features were so chiseled they appeared as if they had been carved by an ax.

The lines from his eyebrows to the tip of his nose to his lips made him appear austere and formidable.

Their eyes locked, and a chilly vibe emanated between them.

Yun Xis heart suddenly missed a beat, and she felt as if she was about to be sucked into his pitch-black eyes.

Being so close, she could almost feel the chilliness of her own breath.

It took a while before she understood what he meant, and she coughed awkwardly.

“I dont plan on eating this fish.

Besides, you saw Jiang Henglins attitude today.

He is a brainless puffer fish, full of thorns and poison, so Im not eager to eat him.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes.

It was undeniable that her description was true.

“Since hes not for eating, you simply baited him to make trouble for yourself”

“No! My mother and my sister arent challenging as enemies, and their tricks are too juvenile and too insulting for my IQ.

I let him into the ring to increase the challenge.”

Yun Xi shrugged and chuckled softly.

Her watery eyes were bright like dazzling stars.

Jiang Henglin had fallen for the bait, and he was going to be in cahoots with her mother and sister in the future.

She wouldnt have to worry about any obstacles to canceling the marriage contract in the future.

In her last life, shed needed to rely on Jiang Henglin to keep her position, but in this life she no longer needed it.

Without the Jiang family, she still had the Chen family.

With the Chen family indebted to her so greatly, her father would never give her to another man for his own benefit.

“If you want to increase the challenge of the fight, I have a large number of assistants and masters under my hand at your disposal.”

“Thats not the same.

Your assistants deal with major issues.

This is a family conflict.

Dealing with these sorts of issues needs patience and control.

Dealing with my mother and my sister only requires a few little tricks, so I can handle it.”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes as he gazed at her.

Her delicate face was confident, beautiful, bold, and proud.

She was different from all the coquettish b*tches.

She looked weak but was surprisingly tough.

She was smart but unassuming.

“Starting tomorrow, while you learn lifesaving skills from Li Zilan, I will also teach you market strategies.”

“Why Isnt my main task now to study hard and make progress every day I still plan on going to university, so I dont have so much time.”

He really treated her like she was some kind of superwoman.

Besides, he was a distinguished patriarch who had never experienced the ups and downs of life.

Would he even know what a strategy was

Mu Feichi seemed to read her thoughts, and he raised his hand to pinch her pink cheeks.

“Are you looking down on me I dont deny that you are smart, but your smarts are all street smarts.”

Yun Xi frowned and bit her lip, but said nothing.

“For example, at the auction, although I was behind the scenes supporting you, your approach wasnt flawless.”

“If it were you, what would you have done”

Of course shed known that her counterattack wasnt flawless!

If she hadnt known beforehand that Jiang Henglin liked fragile two-faced pretentious girls, she wouldnt have baited him to distract him.

But if she hadnt known, the situation wouldnt have ended in her favor, and she wouldve suffered humiliation.

“If it had been me, I would have planted the jade seal directly on your mother.”

Mu Feichi sneered, and a fierce look gleamed in his eyes.

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