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Looking for Liang Weimin for money was indeed the fastest and most hopeful method.

However, none of the mother-daughter trio had Liang Weimins phone number.

They didnt even know which department he was currently working in.

Back then, in order to get rid of him completely, the three of them deliberately avoided everything related to Liang Weimin.

No one expected that there would be a day when they would go back and beg him.

“Whats the use of begging your father We dont even know where he is now!”

It was not that Chen Lixue did not want to go over and beg him, but she was still a little embarrassed.

Furthermore, she was the one who had asked for a divorce back then and vowed that she would not go back to look for him.

Now, not only did she slap herself in the face, but it also hurt a little.

“Ill think of a way to find out about his department.

You go and beg him.

No matter what, you have to get our tuition fees and living expenses from him.

Otherwise, we will starve!”

Liang Xinyi shook off Liang Xiuqins hand and turned around to return to her room.

She took out her phone and dialed a number that she had memorized.

No one picked up the phone for a long time.

Just as Liang Xinyi was about to give up, someone answered the call.

“Speak!” A mans cold voice came from the other end of the phone.

There was a hint of annoyance in it.

Liang Xinyi sensed the other partys impatience and instantly panicked, especially when she needed a favor from him.

She was so nervous that she didnt know what to say.

The man on the other end didnt seem to care what Liang Xinyi wanted to say.

His patience was limited, but he didnt hang up.

“I, I think you should know about what happened to me.

I want to study abroad and lie low.

Can you… lend me some money”

The person on the other end of the line didnt say anything.

Liang Xinyi was afraid of offending him, so she hurriedly added, “I, Ill definitely return it in the future! You have to believe me!”

“Were not related.

Why do you think Ill lend you money”

It was Lu Zheng who had answered the call.

It was always Lu Zheng who picked up Liang Xinyis calls.

The number was also Lu Zhengs number.

Liang Xinyi had always thought that the person she was in contact with was the Prime Ministers son.

She even had some wishful thoughts about him previously.

Lu Zheng saw through her at a glance and exposed her thoughts, making her embarrassed and humiliated.

Indeed, compared to Han Zhongteng, who had no hope of inheriting the Han family, the Prime Ministers son could bring her more things.

In the entire Jingdu, this was the man with the most esteemed status apart from the leaders of the three noble families!

If she could get on his good side, would she have to be at the mercy of other peoples moods like this

Even that little b*tch Yun Xi would probably think highly of her!

Unfortunately, he didnt like her.

Liang Xinyi was full of hope as she dialed the number.

She was thick-skinned enough to open her mouth, but she didnt expect the man who had been helping her to reject her outright.

For a moment, she didnt know how to respond.

“Please help me…” The only person she could beg now was him.

“Rather than begging me, you might as well rely on yourself.

In this world, there is nothing that cant be gained without effort.”

“Then… what do you need me to do”

“I dont need anything from you because you no longer have any value.

You have to rely on yourself!”

“But… I dont have anything left! How can I earn money to go abroad Can you help me recommend a job that pays fast I can do anything!”

When the other party said that she had no value, Liang Xinyis heart turned cold.

Endless sadness and grievances were stuck in her throat.

She knew nothing and had no clue about how to rely on herself.

She still didnt know how long it would take her to raise the money she needed to go abroad.

“Go to the Golden Palace.”

“G-Golden Palace! You want me to be a hostess”

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