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The Golden Palace was the most prestigious luxury club in Jingdu.

Exclusively for VIPs, anyone without status or a membership would not be able to enter and could only watch from afar.

They couldnt even enter the gates!

The people entering and exiting the club were all influential people with prominent statuses.

The Golden Palace, Jingding, and Yunding were known as JingdusLuxury Trio, and were formal and high-class entertainment venues.

Even the waitresses were beauties who had graduated from universities.

At her age, there were not that many jobs that would earn her quick money.

Other than being a hostess, there was nothing else that she could do!

However, the Golden Palace was not a place she could enter just because she wanted to!

Since she had no connections or backdoor opportunities, no one would even want her as a kitchen dishwasher with her current status!

However, the thought of her becoming a hostess made her feel like her life was over.

“Take my business card.

Someone will bring you in.”

On the other end of the phone, Lu Zheng was too lazy to talk to her.

He hung up the phone.

If Liang Xinyi still couldnt see the situation and her identity clearly and continued to put on the airs of a pretentious heiress, then she could only wait for her own doom.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Zheng looked at the figure who was leaning over the table and writing couplets with a calligraphy brush.

He put his phone away and leaned against the window, “Boss, are you giving up on Liang Xinyi”

“Didnt you say that she had no value” Qi Yichen replied casually as he dipped his brush into the ink that was laced with gold powder.

Liang Xinyi was indeed useless, and he had overestimated her value.

However, he no longer needed this abandoned pawn.

Lu Zheng didnt know why his boss had suddenly changed his mind, but he still nodded, “She cant beat Yun Xi in terms of skills and tricks.

We dont need to waste time with a useless pawn.”

“Let her go to the Golden Palace and be a hostess.

That girl will probably be very happy to see her there.”

“That girl Who” asked Lu Zheng, pretending to be dumb.

Recently, he suddenly realized that his boss seemed to be acting strange, ever since he had been saved by that girl.

Qi Yichen paused his calligraphy and raised his eyebrows at Lu Zheng.

He saw through Lu Zhengs intention of gossiping and finished the last stroke on the couplet.

He then stood up and threw the brush into the water basin.

The clear water basin was instantly stained with beautiful ink and water swirls, while the gold powder glittered in the water.

The major families in Jingdu had always maintained their tradition of writing couplets during the Lunar New Year.

Qi Yichen would write couplets for his house every year, and only on New Years Eve would he go back to the Qi familys house for a reunion dinner.

It was common for him not to be at home during the entire New Years Eve when he encountered a special mission.

Seeing him remain silent, Lu Zheng walked up and asked curiously, “Boss, I noticed that you have been treating the girl differently recently.”

Qi Yichen glanced at him, “How different is it”

“I dont know…” Even if Liang Xinyi was no longer useful, she was enough to cause trouble for that girl, but his boss had given up! That was not his style at all.

“From the information, you brought back, couldnt you tell that that girl played almost everyone in the palm of her hand, yet there were still people who smiled and sent themselves to her door to ask for help Why didnt I notice such an interesting character before”

He was a step too late, and Mu Feichi had beaten him to the chase!

Startled, Lu Zheng frowned and said nothing.

It was not a good sign that his boss was interested in someone else.

Not only was that girl smart, but she was also very capable.

Once she became the target that both of them wanted to possess, she would become a femme fatale!

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