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For a long time, Yun Yuanfeng had countless dreams of his daughter becoming successful and bringing him to new heights, especially when the person he was pandering to was the head of the Mu family—one of the Three Noble Families.

Other families might not even be able to get this good fortune after eight lifetimes, but now, this was his daughter! He was just short of putting her on a pedestal!

She was going to have a reunion dinner with the Young Commander.

He couldnt ask for more!

As soon as Yun Yuanfeng went downstairs, he glared at Yun Chuhan, who could not assess the situation.

He said with displeasure, “They are having reunion dinner together, so why are you, an outsider, meddling in it The two of them are free to be in a relationship, and I have already agreed to it.

Moreover, your sister is already an adult.

Its fine as long as she knows what shes doing.

If she marries the Young Commander in the future, wont you be proud too Why cant you accept that your sister is doing well”

“I… Im not…” Yun Chuhans face alternated between green and white after being reprimanded by Yun Yuanfeng.

However, she could not refute him.

What else could she say Could she say that she also liked the Young Commander hence she disapproved of them and was jealous of Yun Xi

If she dared to speak up, not only would she embarrass herself, but her father might even slap her!

Gritting her teeth, she gave Yun Xi a fierce look, her face full of unwillingness.

“I dont care if you accept it or not.

You dont have to put your nose into your sisters affairs!”

Her fake good intentions were publicly reprimanded.

Yun Chuhan felt wronged to the point that her eyes immediately turned red, and she glared at Yun Xi with a dark and vicious gaze.

Yun Xi laughed coldly.

There was no need for her to take action to deal with Yun Chuhan.

Letting Yun Yuanfeng take action was even better than her doing it herself!

Yun Yuanfeng turned to look at Yun Xi, his face still carrying a bit of gratification as he tried to butter her up.

“Since the Young Commander has invited you, then you should go over! Dont worry about the family.

Im going to pay a visit to the lower ranks with my leader this year, so I probably wont be able to return home for reunion dinner.”

Paying a visit to the lower ranks was just an excuse.

She knew very well that Yun Yuanfeng wanted to spend New Years Eve with that woman.

Since their home no longer felt like home, there was no point in having a reunion dinner for the New Year.

This year, Third Uncle was not going back for the reunion dinner.

There were only Second Uncle, Second Aunt, and Grandpa at home.

There was also Yun Chuhan, who was alone.

It must have been the loneliest New Year celebrations in years.

“Its almost the New Year.

When are you going to register your marriage with Auntie Lin Shes pregnant now.

In another month or two, itll be troublesome to hold a banquet.”

“Im already preparing for the wedding banquet.

I plan to invite some friends and family to Jingdu Hotel for a meal on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year.”

She knew very well what Yun Yuanfeng was planning in his heart.

He wanted to rely on her to gamble for his future with Mu Feichi and also wanted to give that woman a proper position as his wife.

He wanted to capture both the empire and the beauty with one hand.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Since he had already planned to give that woman a grand wedding and did not care about his future, she had nothing to say.

After leaving the Yun family, Yun Xi pulled her Second Aunt out for a walk in the courtyard.

She also told her about her background, giving her a heads-up.

Even if she was no longer a descendant of the Yun family, she did not want the Yun family to fall into the hands of a mistress like Lin Shuhua.

What she hated the most was the third party who interfered in other peoples marriages, and took it for granted.

“Yun Xi, this… is this real Are you sure you didnt make a mistake”

After hearing her words, Yao Ying was instantly at a loss for words.

She couldnt accept that something that only happened in television dramas would happen in her own home!

“Theres no mistake.

Ive already done a DNA test.

Im indeed not a child of the Yun family.”

“This… L-Let me calm myself down.

I dont think I can accept it now.”

This was not a small matter, but a huge one!

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