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It took a moment for Yao Ying to gather her thoughts, and when she had, she voiced her concern about Yun Xis newfound status and whether this would be manipulated by Yun Yuanfeng.

“But you know, your biological dad is the younger brother of the first lady.

If he ever learns about your real status, your father will flaunt it for the world to see.

You were not there to see how he bragged to the entire estate that he would become the father-in-law of the Young Commander once he learned about your relationship.

If he catches wind that youre the eldest daughter of the Xiao family and your aunt is the First Lady, I fear what he would do then.

Would you be alright”

Her concern sounded like baseless worries, but Yun Xi was touched by her words nevertheless.

Yao Ying was not concerned about how valuable Yun Xi was once she learned that she was not a biological daughter of the Yun family.

She was concerned that her heartless father would see her as a tool.

People like Yao Ying were rare in Yun Xis life—even the second time around.

She could count just how many people sincerely cared for her with both hands.

“Dont worry about it, second aunt.

I know my biological dad is not someone of an ordinary reputation.

Besides, Grandpa is the one that has taken care of me all along.

If I should be filial to someone, its him.

When the day comes that this is public knowledge, I will know how to handle it so I dont hurt myself.”

Yun Xi would be angry at herself if she still let herself get hurt in her second chance at life.

“I know.

Youre a clever kid.

Just dont let yourself get dragged into it!”

Yao Ying was always fond of Yun Xi and saw her as a daughter of her own.

Her newfound knowledge that she was the daughter of the Xiao family was rather emotional for her.

“I wont!” Yun Xi blinked hard.

She was not the young, ignorant girl she was when she first came to Jingdu.

The girl reached out and held on to Yao Yings arm reassuringly.

Her eyes were clear and confident.

“Even if I have to return to the Xiao family, you will always be my dear second aunt!” Yun Xi said with an innocent expression.

“You…” Yao Ying sighed.

She returned Yun Xis gesture with a small pat on the back of her hand.

Her heart was full of bittersweetness.

The two had reached the gates of their estate.

Yao Ying retrieved a thick red packet from her pocket and passed it to Yun Xi.

“Have a good New Year with your dad!”

“Thank you, second aunt!”

“Dont worry too much about things back home.

That woman may be a part of the Yun family, but it takes more work than that to take control of the house away from me.

Your dad did not even plan a wedding for her.

However, Im more afraid of what he will do with your status in the future.

Be strong with him and dont let him make use of you, got that”

“Got it!” Yun Xi nodded.

“Ive reminded him that its his choice.

He will face the appropriate consequences.

If he doesnt understand that, Im happy to let him know!”

Yun Xi sent Yao Ying back to the gates of the manor, and she turned toward the gantry of Mount Tianyu.

Halfway on her journey, she picked up on the brakes of a car behind her, and she turned to see a car driving up the hill.

Its plate was one Yun Xi was not familiar with.

Upon seeing the girl, Yi Qianmo slowed the car down and stopped beside Yun Xi.

He rolled his window down and cleared his throat.

His voice resembled a creepy man as he spoke, “Long time no see, girl.”

“…” Yun Xi silently regarded the figure in the car.

He had large, dramatic curls, and he was wearing a black trench coat with a bright red scarf.

His makeup was more glamorous than that of a womans.

She took a moment to take the disguise in before cracking a joke in response, “Did you just get back from the brothels, Young Master Yi”

“Haha, funny joke,” he replied flatly.

“Ive disappeared for a month and you insult me when you finally see me”

“I mean, look at you! I doubt your mother can tell its you.

Besides, where were you for the last month Werent you training the anti-terrorist squad Why havent we heard anything”

“Long story, I almost died.

Get in the car and Ill tell you more,” Yi Qianmo gestured to the front passenger seat and unlocked the car door for Yun Xi to enter.

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