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Yun Xi could barely maintain her composed expression as Yi Qianmo recounted the events of the last month to her in the car.

She was not too sure if she should sympathise with him, or even empathise with the plight of Yi Qianmo.

Despite being the good-looking man he is, he had to disguise himself as a woman for an entire month.

He had to secretly go into male restrooms, and he was even harassed by other men during his work.

It was quite a painful experience for him.

“So you decided to return to us on the eve of the New Year just to get back at Mu Three-years-old for assigning you this mission”

“For the love of God, Yun Xi.

Its not always about him.

I know you care a lot about him, but could you spare some words of comfort for me I have sacrificed a lot for the both of you, you know!”

“Its not just for us two.

We assigned you the mission to crack down on the criminals and maintain peace and security for all in Jun Country!”

“Yeah, right.

You two are birds of a feather,” Yi Qianmo scoffed.

As the car approached the gates of the Mu family manor, he stepped on the brakes.

“You dont seem interested in the results of my month-long hard work.

If it were not for me coming to give updates, I doubt you two heartless beings would even call in and check on me.”

“No, no.

I didnt mean it that way.

Its just that this mission is taxing for you too, and it will be the New Year soon.

You dont need to head back again after this report, right”

“Well see how it goes.

If Jingdu stays peaceful this New Year, then I can have a peaceful one.

If it doesnt…”

“Dont jinx it! Lets not talk about the bad things.” She was afraid of thesewhat-ifs. Yun Xi believed they were always working to actualize the worst possible situation.

The thought of terrorist organizations lurking around in the joyous times of the New Year unsettled Yun Xi.


Pretend I didnt say anything,” Yi Qianmo pushed the car doors open, and the two exited the vehicle.

Once they stepped into the house, Mu Feichi had coincidentally headed downstairs in his loungewear.

Meeting eyes with the pair, Mu Feichi turned to Yun Xi, “Didnt you head back home Everything settled”

“Mhm, we bumped into each other at the gantry gates.

Heard you sent him on some special mission, so hes here to report it.

I want to hear the details too.”

Mu Feichi nodded.

He turned and plopped himself down on the sofa.

Folding his legs under him, he casually checked out Yi Qianmos disguise.

The two had known each other for many years, but the sight of Yi Qianmo in a womans disguise was still hard for Mu Feichi to hold back a joke, “Aunt Yi got your sex wrong, you know.

It would be nice if she had a daughter instead of this.”

“Of all the things to talk about, Mr.


Of all the things to talk about.”

Yi Qianmo followed suit and sat down on the sofa.

He shot a pointed look at Yun Xi—one that told her to humble her man.

He was a man of grudges, and he would not hesitate to hold one if both of them teased him together.

Mu Feichi shrugged.

He did not intend to talk more about the subject either.

“Okay, back to business.

What information did you collect from the past month”

“My informant is this weapons dealers lackey.

It took a lot of effort to get information out of him.

He also has a superior who is a man named Brother Jin.

Ive asked the investigation unit to check on him.

This man has committed every crime possible.

Not only is he a weapons dealer, but he is also a drug dealer and a human trafficker.

Hes part of the weapons trade you investigated earlier on too.

From what I learned, some of Han Hongbins men had been in contact with him too.

However, Im not too sure about the details of the exchanges.

Ive heard that they are on the move lately, so Im worried they will do something during the New Year.

I came as fast as I could to warn you guys about it.

You need to be prepared.”

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