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Yun Xi took the parchment paper folder from Yi Qianmo.

She flipped through the documents as the man spoke.

For all this time, Mu Feichi and she had been the pillars that kept Jingdu safe, and Mu Feichi had issued commands to safeguard Jingdu.

However, she could not help but worry about how the New Year would be with a guy like him outside.

“Ive got the safety of Jingdu under my control.

Hopefully, nothing drastic will happen.” Mu Feichi turned to the figure who was concentrating on the various documents in front of her.

“Youre so serious about this,” he commented with a joking smile.

“Did you spot something important”

“You know, this weapons dealer known as Brother Jin had quite a few tricks up his sleeves.

Nobodys perfect or can be perfect in everything they do, but this guy seemed to excel in all kinds of crimes.

He must be a criminal genius.”

Looking up, her eyes met with the man next to her.

Mu Feichi stared at Yun Xi, and suddenly a thought flashed through her mind.

“If this weapons trade was related to the Han family,” Yun Xi said, looking down, “we could find the source of those weapons and mercenaries Han Hongbin had.

If the Han family is related, then that man known as Brother Jin could be the mastermind behind all of this.

Or there is someone else operating behind him too, like…”

“Crocodile,” Mu Feichi replied lightly.

Mu Feichi had sent Xiao Jinglin to investigate the weapons trade from the outside of Jun Country.

The line had been traced back to within the country, and all of their information so far had pointed toward the direction of the mysterious Crocodile.

Yun Xis guess was affirmed by Yi Qianmo, “If the mastermind is the Crocodile, then this relationship web would make sense.”

“Regardless, this Brother Jin weapons dealer is useful to us.

Han Hongbin needs to be wary of ruining the decades-old reputation of the Han family so he would be keeping a low profile.

But this Brother Jin is one-of-a-kind.

If we cant bait the Crocodile with Han Hongbin, Brother Jin is a good alternative.”

“Good idea, but it is very dangerous,” Mu Feichi said, his face darkening at Yun Xis suggestion.

He let the idea run through his mind before he spoke again, “It would not be easy to get into the circles of Brother Jin, and we would need the support of the other units.

The special forces are not enough.

We might not get in, or worse, we will alert them of our presence.”

His unit may be full of brilliant individuals, but their experience has given them an unavoidable aura of a soldier.

Members of the organization would be able to tell with a single glance, and his unit might risk their lives trying to blend in.

Yun Xi understood the meaning of his words.

She nodded and did not pursue the matter further.

She lacked experience in this field, and there was nothing she could do.

Given how the situation had a high likelihood of losing ones life, Yun Xi was unwilling to send anyone in for the task.

Looking up again, Mu Feichi turned to Yi Qianmo with a decisive look and said, “Stay here for the New Year.

Dont go back for now.

We can talk about the other matters once the New Year celebrations are over.”

Yi Qianmo nodded and stood up as if he was in a hurry to leave, “If this matter does not concern me anymore, I will go get the rest I need.

You dont know how tiring the past few days were living with a bundle of nerves all the time.

Dont bother me if you dont need me!”

With that and a wave, Yi Qianmo exited the Mu family manor, with a swagger only he possessed.

Yun Xi looked back down at the documents in her hands.

There was a looming sense of dread that hung over her head as her eyes shuffled through the details of the documents again.

“Hey, dont overthink this.

Our butler brought in some red paper and a calligraphy set just now.

Lets write some New Year couplets!”

Recentering her focus on the man in front of her, Yun Xi smiled at Mu Feichis suggestion, “My handwriting is not the best.

Ill just watch you write!”

She remembered the last New Year when Mu Feichi could not get back to Jingdu in time, so he climbed to her window on New Years Eve to give her his New Years wishes.

She could finally spend the New Year with him in person this year, and they even had time to make couplets for decorations.

It was these moments of small and ordinary happiness that meant the most to the two of them.

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