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Chapter 168: Full of Shrewd Strategies

“Why” Yun Xi stared at him, puzzled.

Its not that she hadnt thought of this trick to frame her mother.

It was just that baiting Jiang Henglin hadnt been a bad idea either.

“Since youd already guessed that your mother planned on framing you, if youd planted it back on your mother, not only would you have embarrassed your mother, but you couldve also seized the opportunity to jeopardize her and Liang Xinyis relationship.

Yun Ziling wouldve also suffered humiliation because of your mother, and that wouldve caused a rift in their mother-daughter relationship.

Over time, she would have become disappointed and resentful toward your mother.

After separating them, dealing with the brainless Yun Ziling would be easy for you.

Besides, your mother would have stolen my belongings, and your father definitely wouldnt have let her off the hook for that.

Killing four birds with one stone would have saved you the trouble of climbing up the wall and into the window.”

Yun Xi nodded.

He truly deserved to be the head of the Mu family, since he had so many shrewd strategies.

“I didnt do that because Im not as ruthless as you think.”

If she had done that, her mother definitely would have been caught and sent to jail.

She didnt want that kind of association with her name, because then she wouldnt be able to gain a foothold in the higher society in the future.

It wasnt really that she wasnt that ruthless, but, after starting her life over again, she knew how to weigh all the pros and cons.

If she wanted to rise to the top and become someone like Mu Feichi and wanted to stop simply looking up to the people in power, she must rely on her own abilities without getting her hands dirty.

“Furthermore, by climbing up the wall and into the window, I also achieved what you said and dealt with the matter more smoothly.”

Causing a rift in the relationship between her mother and Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling wouldnt happen overnight.

Her mother needed to use Liang Xinyi to deal with her, and she also needed Liang Xinyi in the Yun family to counterbalance her aunt in the countryside.

As for Yun Ziling, she was her mothers lifeblood.

Moreover, she was also the bait she would use to fish out Jiang Henglin.

Mu Feichi gazed at her gravely and curled his lips without saying anything.

She didnt know whether or not Mu Feichi could read her thoughts, but, as for a womans calculations, she thought it best that men remained ignorant of them.

Calculating women were by no means popular with men.

After the parents meeting, Yun Xis name spread throughout the school.

Liang Xinyi was punished by the school, and her photo and name were posted on the bulletin board, making Liang Xinyi feel ashamed in front of all the schools teachers and students.

Because of this incident, Yun Ziling made Liang Xinyi take the bus and refused to let her come near, for fear of becoming a laughingstock by association.

Liang Xinyi liked sleeping in and had a hard time getting up early in the morning, so she missed the bus several times.

Perhaps it was because she didnt want to ride the bus or felt embarrassed to, Liang Xinyi sometimes ran out to the road outside the villa complex to wave down taxis.

Yang Lu had had a grudge against Yun Xi in the beginning of the school year.

After the incident had occurred, Teacher Xu had shown her some leniency, and she was grateful to Yun Xi for pleading for her.

After witnessing Liang Xinyis embarrassment, she realized how serious the incident had been.

Feeling guilty, she was not only ashamed of what Liang Xinyi had done, she also resented her.

She secretly chewed out Liang Xinyi, and, even though Liang Xinyi felt aggrieved, she dared not throw a tantrum at this time because she needed to keep a low profile.

Even if she reported her to the teacher, the school teachers probably wouldnt believe her.

What surprised Yun Xi was that after this incident, Li Sinuo seemed much more discreet.

She didnt know whether she was waiting for an opportunity to deal with her or whether she had become apprehensive after what had happened.

Every time Yun Xi raised her head, she saw Li Sinuos dodgy eyes following her, full of resentment and loathing.

It seemed true that only those without a guilty conscience werent afraid.

And, for some inexplicable reason, after every class, Yang Lu grabbed her books as she rushed toward the back and, with a humble expression, asked her study questions.

Over time, after the classmates saw Yang Lus grades get better, they all followed suit.

Finally, they all simply moved their desks near Yun Xis and started mingling with her.

The homeroom teacher saw that they were all was making rapid progress in their studies, so he let them be.

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