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Mu Feichis brush danced across the paper like a dragon across the skies.

Every stroke was done with vigorous precision and refined technique.

The pair of couplets were a masterpiece.

Every character flowed into the next smoothly, like water down a river, yet the strokes of each character came together to show a unique muted elegance.

Many say that ones calligraphy is a mirror of ones character, and Mu Feichis calligraphy reflected this.

He was a sturdy and humble soldier who carried an impeccable presence.

Compared to his rather cursive handwriting with a pen, his writings in calligraph reflected his passion that he usually kept away from the publics eye.

The two stood side by side on the table.

One was busy writing away, and the other watched on in comfortable silence.

Their shared moment of peace between the beautiful couple was a poetic scene.

Xiao Jinglin managed to snap a photo of this scene with his camera from the side of the table.

The picture was a wonderful one that he planned to keep for a long time.

Once Mu Feichi had wrapped up the last of the two couplets, he set the brush down and stood up straight.

Old Master Xiao, who had been watching the process, gave a nod of affirmation, “The style is the man! Not bad!”

These words were the highest form of praise he could give.

For a man who had seen much in his life, Old Master Xiao had an eye for people that stood out from the others.

His experience told him that Mu Feichi would be an excellent grandson-in-law.

He was compatible with the eldest of the Xiao family.

The crowds were summoned to the table when it was Yun Xis turn.

Everyone was anticipating the words she would write.

Most people have seen the work of Mu Feichi.

His couplets were the ones that were proudly displayed on the doors of Mu Mansion every year.

However, no one had seen Yun Xis calligraphy.

And after everyone had overheard the little bicker between the two of them, they were more anticipated than ever.

Mu Feichi looked over to the girl who stood silently at the side.

“What are you waiting for Dont just stand there,” he urged as he pulled Yun Xi closer to where he was standing.

Being rushed into something she had never done before, Yun Xi shot Mu Feichi a glare and a light stomp on his foot as she approached the table.

The girl pretended nothing had happened as she lowered herself and prepared to start writing.

Mu Feichi retracted his foot instinctively and held onto her waist in case she missed her footing when he moved his foot.

When she was finally steady, she looked down at the couplet she had chosen from the booklet and penned them down on the red paper, stroke by stroke.

The last time she held a calligraphy brush was in her last life.

To win the favor of Old Master Han, she had taken extra lessons in calligraphy.

She may have come from the Yun family which lacked any reputable background, but Old Master Jiang had always regarded her as a socialite from a famed family.

An individuals calligraphy reflects ones true character, so Yun Xi worked hard on her calligraphy to avoid being underestimated by the Han family.

She had done so much to be able to match up with Han Yaotian.

She had spent years transforming herself into someone excellent, and Yun Xi wondered what motivated her to do so much in her past life that she was able to benefit from it in the current one.

It could not have been love.

Ever since Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin pushed her down from the fence, it had become the biggest joke for her.

She learned that love was something that shouldnt have guided her life, and this had fully awakened her from the spell of delusion she was under.

Yun Xis brush landed firmly and gracefully across the red paper.

Although they lacked some of the elegance a womans penmanship should have, it made up for it with the strength and assertiveness of a man.

“Your handwriting is impressive.

It embodies the strength of kindness and the liveliness of a still image.

Looks like I embarrassed myself in front of the real expert!”

Mu Feichi looked up and down the couplet, studying each character closely.

Every character embodied their own unique beauty.

It was a couplet that one could lose themselves in.

The style is the man, and Mu Feichi learned much about Yun Xi from the way her calligraphy was done.

Yun Xi placed the pen down and straightened her posture.

She lifted her eyes and focused them on the man that was standing next to her.

Although she was still a little annoyed that he had put her on the spot, her annoyance quickly vanished.

“Dont praise me too much.

Youre also the expert here.” Turning around, she spotted Xiao Jinglin quietly appreciating the couplets she had written.

Yun Xi turned back and gave Mu Feichis chest a light pat, “Looks like youve lost your shot with my calligraphy masterpiece this year, Young Commander!”

Mu Feichi and Xiao Jinglin exchanged looks.

The two seemed to agree on something silently.

Mu Feichi did not plan on souring the relationship between him and his future father-in-law.

The man slightly slanted his head to the side and gestured for Yun Xi to move closer.

“If this couplet is what it takes to have your hand in marriage,” he whispered, “its not a loss!”

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