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The Jingdu Grand Hotel was quickly surrounded by vehicles from various emergency response teams—mainly the fire department, police, and paramedics.

The festive New Years Eve night was abruptly ended by a loud explosion.

Sirens filled the night while ambulances were coming in and out of the hotel grounds as the hotel was put under lockdown by the police.

While firefighters tried their best to put out the fire and control the situation, reporters filled the entrance of the hotel with their cameras pointed toward the hotel as they eagerly waited for a scoop.

Countless injured guests were slowly carried out, one by one, from the hotel and into the ambulances.

Just outside the hotel were the traffic police, maintaining order and traffic.

Mu Feichi walked up to the lobby from the basement parking lot through the stairs.

The moment he got there, Li Zilan and Le Lei quickly approached him and saluted before giving him a brief report of the situation.

Both of them had serious expressions on their faces.

When Yi Qianmo got back down after completing his investigation, he glanced at the crowd before nodding at Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi saluted back and asked, “Hows the situation Did you get rid of all the explosives”

“We did.

But, we are still doing a sweep on every floor just in case weve missed some.”

“Ill issue an order for the related departments to limit the amount of information they give out.

Since its the New Year, well tell the public that this was an accident caused by fireworks.”

The leader of the SWAT team nodded, agreeing to Mu Feichis proposal.

“Youll get our full cooperation as well.

For the time being, well have to help each other and catch the b*stard who did this in the shortest amount of time.”


We will let you know immediately if we discover any new information.”

Mu Feichi then turned to Le Lei and ordered his subordinate to cooperate with the police.

Just seconds after Mu Feichi finished talking to Le Lei, Grey Wolf squeezed through the crowd.

He saluted the Young Commander and let him out of the crowd and into the off-road vehicle that was parked outside.

The moment they sat down, Grey Wolf turned on the laptop he was carrying with him and reported, “Ive combed through the hotels CCTV and part of it has been deleted.

It will be almost impossible for us to retrieve the lost recording.

Itll be hard to locate the one whos responsible since there were too many people tonight.”

As soon as Grey Wolf finished his report, Yi Qianmo added, “Weve also confirmed that the perpetrator is highly skilled.

Hes a pro.

Its clear that he was trying to make a statement by causing such a huge scene today.

I keep having the feeling that Ive seen this before…”

Yi Qianmo turned to look at Mu Feichi, where the latter frowned.

Both of them immediately thought of the same person.

“If this is the handiwork of that crazy b*stard, then youll have to find a way to hide this from her.”

Mu Feichi immediately thought of that.

With a frown, he signed the brief report that Le Lei had handed him and grunted, “We shouldnt come to such a conclusion before having any evidence that proves hes the one behind this.

Le Lei, send more people to watch that crazy guy.

Send me a report of his recent activities as well.”

“Yes, sir!” Le Lei nodded.

“Just leave the rest to us.

Why dont you head back first”

“Not yet.

Ill have to head to the hospital first.” Mu Feichi turned to Li Zilan and said, “Call Su Hang and have him send people to assist the hospital.

Well head there right now.”

“Yes, sir!” Li Zilan nodded and immediately gave Su Hang a call.

Mu Feichi turned to look out the window at the crowded hotel.

“To cause such a huge mess today—it looks like they have a death wish.”

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