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It was Xiaosis turn to drive while Xiaoer sat in the passenger seat making a few calls, as Yun Xi was eager to know more about the bombing incident at the Jingdu Grand Hotel.

It didnt take long for him to get a brief report on the situation.

Although Yun Xi had no idea of Xiao Jinglins source of information in Jun Country, she had to admit that he was very resourceful, as he was able to get information in such a short amount of time.

“For now, the hotel is saying that it was caused by the fireworks, but it sounds fishy.

We wont be able to learn what really went down unless we head there.”

Yun Xis face turned pale after hearing that.

The incident was just too sudden.

While Xiaoers information mentioned that the explosion was caused by fireworks, judging from what Yumo had told her, Yun Xi was sure that it was more than that.

She could tell that the government had made sure that the real cause was hidden from the public to prevent panic from spreading among the people.

“All the fireworks in Jun Country are heavily controlled by the government.

Those arent powerful enough to cause such a huge explosion,” Yun Xi said, and turned to Xiaoer.

“Can you get detailed information on what really happened”

Since Mu Feichi was hiding the situation from her, she knew that he would never tell her the truth.

“Yes, itll take a few minutes.” Xiaoer quickly made another call.

After a few minutes of silence from the other side of the phone, they finally got the answer they were looking for.

“After combing through the scene, the police have found traces of TNT.

Thats all we can get.

All other information is being kept confidential.”

“Thats more than enough.” Yun Xi then turned to Xiao Jinglin and asked, “Didnt Feichi ask you to help look into the international arms dealer Did you find anything”

Xiao Jinglin nodded.

He knew what his daughter wanted to know, but he was reluctant to have her involved in the matter.

As the Xiao family had a lot of military and financial power in Country M, he wanted to give her the best life he could offer while he hadnt gotten old yet.

If she were to take part in things that were deemed a gray area in their world, then it would be hard for her to leave that world.

One could say that she would be dancing with fire all the time.

As it took him eighteen years to finally reunite with his daughter, he didnt want anything bad to happen to her.


“Are you suspecting that this has to do with what the Young Commander has asked me to look into” Instead of answering her question, the father tried to change the topic.

“Its not that easy for someone to get their hands on TNT here.

Even if they were to make their own, it would still be hard to purchase all the materials needed.

We should be able to find some clue from the arms dealer.”

“My daughter, why cant you just focus on your medical work and leave this to us Theres a reason why Jinzhi doesnt want you to be a part of this.”

“Im already a part of it,” Yun Xi shook her head.

“Theres no way I can leave without doing anything.

As long as Crocodile is out there, Ill never be safe.

Hell never let me go easily.

Since he has been working from behind the scenes while Im always out in the open, he has the upper hand.

If thats the case, then I have to find a way to turn the tide and lure him out, or else Ill just keep on suffering.”

“Ill have my people take care of Crocodile.

Hes quite famous around the Golden Triangle and the border.

Even if he was never seen, we are confident that well be able to catch him.”

Xiao Jinglin was willing to spend all his fortune on Yun Xis safety.

Her life was worth so much more than his money.

“Im not a child anymore.

There are responsibilities that I have to shoulder now.

I can handle this…”

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