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Xiaosi stopped the car in front of the apartment building.

As Xiaoliu had returned with their boss, Xiaoer and Xiaosi could only quietly follow the couple while doing their best not to interrupt them.

After parking his car, Mu Feichi got out of the car and walked toward the other side of the car.

He opened the door and opened his arms wide, “Alright, come on down.”

Yun Xi unbuckled the seat belt and looked at the man who was standing tall outside the car.

Since the heater was turned on in the vehicle, there was a huge difference between the temperature inside the car and outside.

The man who was afraid that it might be too cold for her had opened his coat for her to get in.

No matter how afraid she was of the cold, she was still able to walk from the car back to her apartment.

Yet, the man believed that his embrace would be better than the cold air outside.

To her, his girlfriend was like a fragile flower that needed all the protection it could get.

People always said that successful men were always too shy to express their affection, but the Young Commander was completely different.

Not only did he look cute when he expressed his love for her, but he also looked dashing doing it.

His directness and wholeheartedness immediately warmed her heart.

As the man stood outside in the snow while waiting for her to come out of the car with a warm smile, all the anger and frustration she had in her died down immediately.

Yun Xi suddenly jumped out of the car and ran into his arms while wrapping hers around his waist and digging her face into his chest to hear his racing heartbeat.

The warmth the man had given her was more than enough to distract her from all the coldness in the world.

“Mu Three-Years-Old, Ive got to say, I approve of your charm.”

The way he treated her with gentleness and kindness was something she had never experienced in her past life or the early years of her second life.

There was no way she wouldnt accept him when he had given her things that she could only fantasize about in the past.

Mu Feichi tightly hugged the lady in his arms and smiled.

He was unable to hide the happiness on his handsome face.

Xiaoer quietly sat in the passenger seat as he watched the two people who stood on the beautiful white snow.

For a second, he thought he had seen the most heartwarming thing in the world.

“I finally understand the meaning of a match made in heaven!” the bodyguard exclaimed.

Both the man who stood in the snow and the young miss who got out of the car and into his arms— the way the couple interacted with each other was the purest form of love and affection.

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When they got up to the apartment, Yun Xi took out her keys to open the door.

The room was cold as the heater was not on.

She would occasionally return to clean the place, but other than frozen food, there was nothing else to eat in the fridge.


Just wait here.

Leave the rest to me!” Mu Feichi sat Yun Xi down by the heater before taking his coat off to check the contents of the fridge.

As Yun Xi warmed herself up by the heater, she watched the man grab two packets of frozen dumplings and head into the kitchen.

She couldnt help but smile while biting her lip.

When she had finally warmed up, the man returned from the kitchen with a pot of dumplings.

Yun Xi quickly sat down in front of Mu Feichi at the dining table.

“So, tell me.

What happened at the Jingdu Grand Hotel today Is it that lunatic”

“We arent sure yet.

Ive briefly checked the records and other than the time we lost him, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Weve been watching him all these times.”

Yun Xi took the bowl of hot dumplings from Mu Feichi and asked, “What if he has an accomplice”

“The CCTV recordings at the hotel have been deleted.

Grey Wolf said that its almost impossible to recover them.

Itll take us some time to look into it.”

“I see.

Ive already asked my dad to help look into the recent TNT dealings.

Since explosives are heavily monitored here, we should be able to find something.”

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