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As if surprised by her hastiness, Mu Feichi chuckled as he sat down across from her with a bowl of dumplings in his hands.

”Since youve asked Father-In-Law to investigate this matter, then Ill wait for the news with you!”

Yun Xi was dumbfounded as she stared at the man in front of her in surprise, “Mu Three-Years-Old, arent you being a little too calm This is so unlike you!”

”How so” Mu Feichi picked up a dumpling with his chopsticks and put it into her bowl, then he smiled nonchalantly.

“Even if the rest of them dont want to enjoy this holiday season, I still have the right to enjoy my New Year, dont I”

”When have you ever forsaken work in the name of the holiday spirit Is that even you” She raised her eyebrows in wonder, then quickly answered herself, “Obviously not!”

”Im not exactly forsaking it.

Its just that this is still being investigated.

Ill get to it later when the culprit is found.”

Yun Xi frowned and stared at him for a long while.

She had already guessed his intentions.

She couldnt hold it in any longer and blurted out, “Is it because youre afraid that this incident mightve been caused by that lunatic, and youre worried that Ill start blaming myself if I found out”

Mu Feichi picked up a dumpling and stuffed it in her mouth.

He then smiled faintly without saying a word.

The way she saw it, his silence meant that he agreed.

This man was always so considerate of her.

Even when it came to such a crucial matter, her wellbeing still came first.

The thought of that made her feel lost for words.

”Im not that vulnerable.

If its my responsibility, I wont run away nor be in denial.”

”I know, which is why Im here offering you a plea deal.

What happened today is no laughing matter.

Im afraid Ill be very busy for the next few days of this New Year celebration, so I wont be able to accompany you.

You should spend more time at home with your father since this is the first Spring Festival together—one that youll remember forever.”

”Of course, I will.

Since my grandfather is also spending his holidays here in the country, Ill be going back to see my family on the second day of the Chinese New Year.


and Mrs.

Si will also be coming by the house for dinner.

If you have time, swing by too!”

With what had happened, she knew he would not be having a great New Year.

Once he gets busy, he could go for days without being seen.

However, this New Year was special.

She had hoped that he could spend some time with her to share this momentous holiday together.


If nothing urgent comes up, Ill be there with you.”

Yun Xi nodded and thought silently in her heart, “If the murderer gets caught, and it turns out to be that lunatic—” After a brief pause, she raised her head.

Ever so slowly, she swallowed the dumpling in her mouth, and her sharp eyes flashed with murderous intent.

”Dont worry about the ploy Ive laid out, just torture him as badly as you can.

Its never good to be soft-hearted and passive when dealing with the enemy.

I dont want you to feel restrained because of me.

The Young Commander Mu I know is a fearless and ruthless soldier.”


If it turns out to be him, then Ill most definitely live up to your expectations.”

Because of her, he had a weak spot; and also because of her, he had to be ever more resounding, braver, and invincible on this path of his.

By the time Qi Yichen received news of the accident that happened at the Jingdu Grand Hotel, Mu Feichi had already buried the lead.

The more he tried to cover things up, the more Qi Yichen knew something fishy was going on.

After he made a few calls, he quickly got the latest update from his dad.

They could try and hide news this big from anyone else, but when it came to Qi Linzhou, no one dared to hide the truth from him.

While his father went to his study to make some calls and give out orders, he picked up the keys in the mudroom and quickly tried to sneak out before his father returned.

Qi Siyu was just coming out from the hall, and immediately saw the figure going out the door.

She quickly marched over to him, “Its the New Year holidays.

Where are you going so late at night”

”Something came up.

Im afraid that prince charming of yours is not going to have a great New Year this time!”

Qi Siyus heart skipped a beat.

She grabbed the man who was about to go out the door, and asked eagerly, “Whats going on What happened”

Something big enough to alarm Mu Feichi was certainly no laughing matter!

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