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Qi Yichen roughly explained what had happened.

Then, without waiting for Qi Siyus response, he turned around and walked out the door.

From the news he received, the girl had gone to the hospital.

While the specifics of the situation were unclear to him, he was worried that she might have been injured since she was at the scene when it happened.

“Chen, Ill go with you!” Qi Siyu did some quick thinking, then she grabbed the jacket in the mudroom, hurriedly put on her shoes, and chased after him.

Qi Yichen had just driven the car out of the garage.

Qi Siyu ran in front of the car and stopped him, “Im coming with you!”

Before he could say no, Qi Siyu had already opened the passenger door and hopped into the car.

“Even if you go over now, your prince charming may not have the time to entertain you! I hear it wasnt a minor incident.

They even buried the news.

What can you do by going there”

“You dont have to worry about that for now.

Just leave that to me.”

Qi Yichen glanced at her.

As if seeing through her intentions, he scoffed lightly and stepped on the accelerator.

When the two finally arrived at the hospital, neither of them got to see the people they wanted to see.

Lu Zheng, who had come out of the hospital after receiving a call, shook his head at Qi Yichen.

“Lu Zheng, is the Young Commander in there” Without mentioning why they were there, Qi Siyu asked impatiently when she saw the two men say nothing in tacit understanding.

“He has already gone back.

The assigned personnel will be taking care of the matters here at the hotel.

Miss Qi, are you here to see your friends”

Although Lu Zheng knew Qi Siyus purpose of going there, he implicitly stated what he found out.

After all, this was the answer that both Qi Siyu and Qi Yichen wanted to know.

Since Mu Feichi was no longer there, that meant the girl had no reason to stay either.

Qi Siyu looked disappointed as she stared at the hospital building with reluctant eyes.

In the end, she had no choice but to follow Qi Yichen back to the car.

After getting in the car and settling down, a realization dawned on her.

She turned her head around to look at her gloomy-looking little brother in the drivers seat, “Chen, why did you come here”

She had gone for Mu Feichi.

However, since the man she wanted to see wasnt there, she had to return empty-handed.

But what about him He didnt even go in.

Lu Zheng didnt even say a thing but just shook his head, and he got the answer he needed just from that She suddenly felt as though she understood her younger brother less and less these days!

Qi Yichen smiled.

It was an unreadable smile.

Then, he teasingly spat out four words, “Take a wild guess!”

“…” If she could have guessed, would she have bothered to ask

Qi Yichen was silent with an uncaring expression on his face.

He sped all the way back as he drove Qi Siyu to the Qi family villa.

As she got off the car, he immediately turned the steering wheel.

The car drifted from the burst of speed, and he sped off.

Qi Siyu stood blankly in the cold night.

The crimson light of the red lantern at the door of the house glowed, reflecting the annoyance and anger that gradually rose within her.

Taking out the phone from her pocket, she punched in a series of numbers and hit dial.

The person on the other end of the receiver finally picked up after a long continuous ring.

“Yo! Miss Qi, whats up Are you calling to wish me a Happy New Year”

Hearing the playful tone on the other end of the line, Qi Siyu frowned.

Completely ignoring the other persons frivolous remark, she said, “I have a favor to ask!”

“Ask away! Its my honor to be of service to the beautiful Miss Qi!”

“Did you hear about the incident at the Jingdu Grand Hotel”

“As a matter of fact, I just did.

It seems something major has happened!”

“Help me find out about the Young Commander Mus latest whereabouts.

If he shows up at the hospital, notify me immediately.

Also, have some of your most reliable paparazzi stand by at the hospital entrance.

Now that its the New Year season, the hospital is shorthanded.

Ill use the contacts I have to get a group of expert doctors to offer assistance there.

You just need to make sure that the Young Commander and I will appear on the front page of the Jingdu newspaper tomorrow morning.

I assume you dont need me to tell you how to write your story”

“Understood! I wont let the beautiful Miss Qis good deed go unnoticed! Dont you worry, I know what to do!”

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