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Qi Yichen was right.

She was too concerned about living up to her reputation as the Prime Ministers daughter.

She was always so reserved and prideful that she allowed an unworthy girl like Yun Xi to take the lead.

Since she was back, she was certainly not going to sit around and watch from the sidelines any longer! Now that someone else had already made the first move, she would be at a disadvantage if she remained passive.

She could admit to losing to someone better than her, but she could not get over losing to a little girl whose family background is nowhere near as good as hers!

Standing in the cold wind, she made another call with a stone-cold expression on her face.

As soon as the call was connected, her expression instantly transformed into a tender smile.

“Senior, Im Siyu.

Happy New Year! Are you celebrating the New Year in Jingdu this time around”

“Ah, Siyu! Were all here in Jingdu for this Chinese New Year.

Were planning to get together for a meal on the fifth day of the New Year.

Will you be free to join us, Miss Qi”

“Of course! How could I not be when my senior is organizing a get-together.

Even if I was still abroad, I would come back just to meet you!”

“Well, its a date then! Why are you calling me so late in the evening anyway Is something the matter”

“The thing is, there was a bombing at the Jingdu Grand Hotel, and many were injured.

The hospital is currently understaffed, and theyve been urgently calling back medical staff who are on leave during the Spring Festival holiday to return to duty.

My father was hoping that you could get your medical team to offer some assistance.”

Even if she had not said that last sentence, she knew that if his medical team wanted to establish a foothold in Jingdu, he would most certainly seize the opportunity.

This was the perfect chance for them to showcase their reputation.

Whats more, this was a matter of saving lives, which is also their responsibility as doctors.

She had given him a great opportunity in the name of the Prime Minister.

If he were to take it, his future here would be promising.

Anyone smart enough would know not to let this opportunity slide.

“Okay, I understand.

Ill make arrangements right away.

Well be there to offer assistance first thing tomorrow.”

The goal was achieved, so Qi Siyu did not say more.

With plans of her own in her head, she hung up the phone and walked back into the house.

That little girl, Yun Xi, should look at herself and think about what she had to offer before trying to rob her of her man.

Compared to what Qi Siyu could do for him, this little girl could only dream to achieve that in her lifetime!

Were they not the perfect example of the saying—a match made in heaven

The car sped through the night as Qi Yichen made a call to Lu Zheng.

With Qi Siyu by his side earlier, it was inconvenient for him to discuss a certain matter.

“The girl is fine.

She only came to the hospital to check out the situation because she had heard the news.

Mu Feichi has buried the lead regarding the hotel.

I had to ask around to find out that what happened tonight was not an accident.

Someone had likely done it on purpose.

No matter who the target was, this is bad news.

Looks like Jingdu isnt such a safe place to be lately.”

“Have someone find out who did it.” Having something like this happen during the Chinese New Year was a real headache.

“Okay, but we have to keep it quiet.

After such a huge incident, Young Commander Mu is probably investigating this too.

If we cross paths with them, the situation will be highly unfavorable to us.”

They have always kept a low profile, and if they suddenly became Mu Feichis target because of this, they would end up on the losing end.

Qi Yichen sneered, “Were bound to cross paths with him sooner or later.

Its just a matter of time.”

“By the way, Feng Yang has been eyeing the spy we deployed lately.

Im worried that he might discover something and ruin our plan.”

“That kid from the Feng family Well, Ill be damned!” Qi Yichen snorted softly.

“Hes definitely a useful pawn in the Presidents hands.

He does whatever he tells him to.

The Feng family has gotten themselves involved in the Crocodiles game.

I believe the President and Mu Feichi should be well aware that Feng Yang is only working so hard for him, for the sake of protecting his own family.”

“Then… what do you intend to do about it Are you going to stop him”

“No need for that.

When the time comes, well just lead him to another location.

Lets not act rashly and alert our enemies.”

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