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On New Years Day, the golden rooster announced the arrival of daybreak.

It was a day when the younger generation would pay a visit to the elders for the New Year, and in return, the elders would give New Year money to suppress evil spirits.

In the past, Liang Xiuqin would take Yun Ziling along to visit a few of her friends houses for the New Year to help her build connections.

Now, both of them were no longer around.

With everything that has happened, the Yun family had long lost its good name.

If it were not for Yun Xi becoming the first-class socialite of Jingdu and the inconspicuously official girlfriend of the Young Commander—which garnered the slight respect of others in her family—no one would actually want to visit the Yun family for the New Year.

This year, Yun Chuhan was temporarily in charge of being the host.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Second Aunt and Second Uncle had gone to visit a friends house to pay their respects and would only return later in the evening.

All the guests who went by the house throughout the day were entertained by Yun Chuhan.

Yun Chuhan had never done this sort of thing before.

The guests who visited were either there to pay their respects to Yun Yuanfeng or to specifically see Yun Xi, which made Yun Chuhan feel particularly embarrassed standing in the living room like a fish out of water.

Since Yun Xi had gone through the socialite training and competition, demonstrating good etiquette of receiving guests was not a problem for her at all.

Sitting on the couch, Yun Yuanfeng was so delighted that he could hardly contain his glee upon hearing the guests flattering words and compliments directed toward Yun Xi.

With that look of pride on his face, it seemed as if Yun Xi was the greatest achievement he had carefully nurtured for many years.

However, everyone knew in their hearts that these were just words of courtesy, yet Yun Yuanfeng simply relished hearing such words.

Yun Xi sat in a corner and watched nonchalantly as Yun Yuanfeng used her network to make new friends.

How ironically similar was this scene compared to her previous life.

In her last life, she could only smile wryly while watching him use her time and time again to achieve his goals and coercing her into doing the things she did not want to.

In this life, however, she felt as though she was watching a clown jumping around on a beam.

Without the slightest flicker of concern, she watched Yun Yuanfeng perform while her heart did not skip a single beat.

Now that she was able to control her destiny, she could even play around with Yun Yuanfengs future, and she no longer had to worry about being sent to another mans bed by her father just so he could climb his way up the ladder.

Yun Chuhan stood on the side, feeling jealous and disdainful while watching Yun Xi obediently.

She studied how her sister received guests and what she would say to greet different people while secretly learning little by little, not daring to let her guard down.

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Chuhan and smirked subtly without exposing her petty intentions.

It was a good thing if she could apply what she had learned.

In the future, she could even use it against her stepmother, which would also save their Second Aunt the hassle of dealing with that woman.

The Yun family background was far too insignificant.

The fact that they were even able to live in this military region residences was all thanks to Grandpa Jiang.

She grew up in Muyang, so she had no sentiments for this unfamiliar and unfeeling Yun family.

Other than wanting to repay her grandfather for raising her all these years, she did not care for the rest of them.

Her second aunts family was powerful and influential, so her second uncle listened to his wife most of the time.

Thus, she did not worry that her second aunt would have a rough life if she were to leave the Yun family.

She couldnt care less about the future of the Yun family, or how high Yun Yuanfeng could climb.

All that mattered to her was making sure that her grandpa could live a carefree life.

Yun Xi had just finished her lunch when she received a call from Zhao Yumo.

She was afraid that there would be more guests coming in the afternoon, and she would have to keep entertaining them in the living room with a fake smile plastered on her face, so she simply made an excuse to go to Mount Tianyu instead.

As soon as he had heard that she was going to Mount Tianyu to visit Young Commander Mu for the New Year, Yun Yuanfeng could not wait to send her to the sentry post in person.

He also reminded her to bring New Years gifts and offerings for fear of coming off as a little rude and disrespectful.

Yun Xi was too lazy to listen to his nonsense, so she took a simple gift with her and went right out the door.

Jiang Ers car was waiting at the sentry post.

Seeing her making her way up, Jiang Er took a stack of thick red envelopes from the front of the car and handed it to Yun Xi.

“Here you go, little girl! Your red envelopes for this year.

Happy New Year and may your year be smooth sailing!”

“Happy New Year and may you be blessed with good luck! But wait, why are there so many red envelopes”

“From me, my grandpa, my other grandpa, my eldest uncle, my second uncle, and also my mom and dad…”

“Did you… come here after sweeping up all the red envelopes at their houses”

She held in her hand a stack of red envelopes, each of which contained $1,500.

She did not have to open them to know that the amount within was certainly a hefty sum! There were at least thousands of dollars in all of the envelopes combined, and holding them in her hands felt scorching hot!

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