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Jiang Er nodded without hesitation and smiled innocently.

“I cant help it.

I have multiple jobs.

Not only do I have to be a chauffeur for this madame here, but also I have to run errands for my elders.

Do you think I have it easy”

“Well, it certainly hasnt been easy for you!” Yun Xi patted his shoulder sympathetically and glanced at Zhao Yumo in the passenger seat.

“However, who asked you to be born a man Our madame here does not have the skills to drive, so she simply has no choice but to trouble you to be her chauffeur!”

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at Zhao Yumo in the passenger seat, and then he returned to the matter at hand ever so casually.

“I heard about what happened last night.

Having something like that happen on New Years Eve—Im guessing somebody is simply too impatient to die.”

“Mu Feichi is already investigating the matter.

Whoever the culprit is, I wont go easy on them this time.”

Zhao Yumo gave Yun Xi a worried look.

“My dear, let the Young Commander and the others handle these matters.

What happened last night was so terrifying.

Dont go putting yourself at risk!”

Had she not had enough experience when it came to assassinations and kidnappings in the past two years that she has been back in Jingdu

There was no way to be certain that she could be that lucky on every occasion, especially when she was just a girl.

Zhao Yumo was truly worried that something bad might happen this time.

“I know.

Ill only get involved if absolutely necessary.”

Not long after the three of them had arrived at Mount Tianyu, before they had even entered the courtyard, they saw Huo Tingxiao coming up the driveway.

Only then did Yun Xi know that as long as Mu Feichi was home, they would both head to Mu Mansion for a little gathering on the first day of every New Year.

Since it was New Years Day, the butler was away.

Great White came running out of the house when it heard the humming of the car and obediently went up to Yun Xi and rubbed itself against her.

“Great White, wheres your master” Yun Xi patted Great Whites head.

Understanding what she had said, it turned around and led her into the house.

Out of habit, Yun Xi took out a change of indoor slippers from the cabinet in the mudroom for the three guests outside, then she turned around and followed Great White up the stairs.

At the door of the master bedroom, Great White stopped obediently and looked up at her.

Yun Xi patted its head and then turned the door handle to enter.

Usually, Mu Feichi would have woken up by that time.

She was unaware that he had a meeting that lasted the entire night, and had not returned home to rest until after seven in the morning.

As Yun Xi quietly opened the door, she immediately saw the figure fast asleep on the bed in the master bedroom.

She crept silently and approached the man.

In the past, even the slightest movement could wake him up, but this time he was soundly asleep.

From the looks of it, she could tell that he was exhausted.

After turning off the bedside lamp, she walked to the window and drew the curtains.

As soon as she turned back toward the bed, the man lying there had already awoken.

“Hmm” Mu Feichi opened his eyes and blinked, and then he realized that he wasnt dreaming.

Still looking tired, he propped himself up slightly and said, “Why are you here so early What time is it”

“Its past one oclock in the afternoon.

I saw that you were still sleeping and didnt want to wake you.

Why do you look so tired What time did you go to bed last night”

Mu Feichi rubbed his forehead and finally seemed more awake.

“We had a meeting all through the night.”

Without saying more, he reached out and hugged the figure sitting by the bed.

Burying his head into her neck, he inhaled the faint fragrance on her body.

Then, he rubbed his face against her softly with a look of reliance in his eyes, and the heaviness he felt in his tired body was lightened immensely.

“Is it because of what happened last night” For them to have an urgent meeting on the night of New Years Eve, there was probably nothing else more pressing than the incident that happened the night before.


Some arrangements have been made.” Mu Feichi did not disclose anything about the internal affairs and casually avoided the topic.

“Have Jiang Er and the others come to visit”

“Its noon, so Jiang Er and Young Master Huo are both here.

Do you want to rest a little longer I could go downstairs and tell them if you do.

Or will you be getting up for lunch in a while”

“Ill get up for lunch!” Sitting up straight, Mu Feichi took a red envelope from the drawer and handed it to her.

With his charming face still looking a little sleepy, he gazed at her with gentle doting eyes.

“Happy New Year, baby!”

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