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Perhaps because they had not been back in the country for Lunar New Year in many years, the happiest person of all was Old Master Xiao, who had quickly tidied up and was brewing tea in the living room, waiting to welcome his guests.

Si Jingtings family of three had also arrived at the villa early.

Since the Si family had left unhappily after a falling out with the Xiaos in the past, Si Wenxuan did not dare be too presumptuous in front of Old Master Xiao.

The moment they entered the door, they obediently went up to Xiao Weijun.

Old Master Xiao acted as if nothing had happened at all and accepted the New Years blessings from the younger generation.

Then he took out the red envelopes he had prepared with a loving look on his face.

The lively atmosphere soon ended when Si Wenxuan saw Yun Xi standing in front of the kitchen.

Especially when she saw that Mu Feichi was busy in the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up, she was completely appalled.

“You… how could you let Brother Feichi enter the kitchen Isnt that what you should be doing A nobleman stays clear of the kitchen.

Havent your teachers taught you that before”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, thinking it was really funny that the childish Si Wenxuan had used the phrasea nobleman stays clear of the kitchen to insult her.

In the kitchen, after hearing those words, Xiao Jinglin came to her rescue by casually replying, “There seems to be no law saying that men cant go into the kitchen, is there Xuanxuan, a man who cooks not for anything else, but only because he has someone he loves.

When you get married one day and that man is willing to take care of you with all of his heart, your life will be complete.”

Si Wenxuan snorted softly.

“If I ever get married, I definitely wont look for a financially unstable man, and I certainly wouldnt be willing to see him do such a chore! Dont people have nannies in their houses Why would I put him through such grievances”

Hearing her words, Xiao Jinglin knew that he was talking to a brick wall.

Si Wenxuans mentality and conception of the world were completely incomparable to Yun Xis.

Turning away, he chuckled and said no more.

After all, he was happy enough that his daughter managed to meet such a good man.

At least, to him, Mu Feichi certainly passed the test.

Leaning on the door to the kitchen, Yun Xi looked at Si Wenxuan with a smirk.

Seeing her trying so hard to defend Mu Feichi while reprimanding her in the process made her want to laugh out loud.

Turning away, she looked at the helpless Si Jingting and his wife standing on the other side of the archway in the living room.

She smirked and teased jokingly, “A nobleman stays clear of the kitchen.


Si, its good that Si Wenxuan has this mentality.

At the very least, she wont pick a man with a bad financial background, so you will be able to live the life of a wealthy madam in the future.”

Xiao Weijun sighed helplessly.

How could she not understand the meaning behind Yun Xis words Only when a husband and wife have a strong relationship in which they can support and understand each other, will they be able to progress.

No matter how rich and powerful you become, if the other party cant even do simple and ordinary things like wash your hands, make soup for you, and roll their sleeves up to step into the kitchen, how could you possibly be happy in that relationship Money may buy the services a nanny provides, but it cannot buy the sincerity of a man who is willing to do just about anything for you.

Si Wenxuan didnt understand what that meant and was still self-satisfied, so what more could she say Even if she tried, she still might not understand her words at all!

“My taste in men is certainly no poorer than yours.

Look at you, a country bumpkin who acts so high and mighty! You even have Brother Feichi working in the kitchen for you! How shameless can you be”

The more she spoke, the worse it sounded.

Mu Feichi had not wanted to interject, but his expression changed when he heard this.

He dumped the carrot he was washing into the sink and turned his head abruptly.

“Si Wenxuan, Im doing this because I want to.

Who are you to stop me”

“Brother Feichi, you…” Being so directly yelled back at, Si Wenxuans eyes turned red, and she bit on her lip, irritated.

“What about me Youre the one who crossed the line! Whats wrong with me being nice to my own woman You should get your act together before you go around lecturing someone else.

You are an adult.

Stop being so childish and pathetic!”

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