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When it came to dissing others, Mu Feichi had never once been afraid of anyone, nor had he ever lost in that respect.

Yun Xi looked sympathetically at Si Wenxuan, who had been utterly defeated by Mu Feichi, and shrugged her shoulders innocently.

She would not call it gloating, but watching Mu Feichi defend her so domineeringly and unforgivingly was really quite satisfying.

After all, there was no one else besides Mu Feichi who would dare teach Si Wenxuan a lesson right in front of her parents.

“Did you hear that I wasnt the one who made him go into the kitchen!” If Si Wenxuan wanted to upset her, then she would have to take her on, so she certainly would not go soft on her either.

Si Wenxuans face froze, and she glared at Yun Xi angrily, with a pit of fire burning inside her.

“What are you so proud of”

“Enough, Xuanxuan.

If you cant be of any help, then just go sit in the living room and have some tea instead!”

Xiao Jinglin did not want to embarrass her, nor did he want to pick a fight with someone decades younger than him, and he certainly did not want to see her provoking his daughter just because she had nothing better to do, so he simply sent her away to the living room as a guest.

Si Wenxuan saw that Yun Xi was still standing by the door of the kitchen, so there was no way she was going to just walk away.

She feared she would end up losing her pride if she just left, so she turned around and stood on the other side of the door frame.

“No thanks, Id rather just watch you cook from here!”

Xiao Jinglin glanced at her and chuckled softly, then lowered his head and continued to busy himself.

Unexpectedly, Yun Xi straightened herself and nodded at Mu Feichi, who was in the kitchen.

“Then, Ill go to the living room and keep Grandpa company instead!”

If Si Wenxuan wanted to stand there and be the gatekeeper, she certainly wasnt going to stay and keep her company.

Whatever her goal was, she wasnt going to let her have her way at all!

As soon as Yun Xi walked off, Si Wenxuan was left standing there by the door of the kitchen looking like a complete idiot who had suddenly lost her motivation to compete.

But that was also because Yun Xi never wanted to compete with her in the first place.

They were like two people holding onto a rubber band.

The one to let go first would always have the upper hand, while the other that clung on to it would be hit by the recoil and be left in pain! And now, she was the one who suffered the repercussions! Realizing this, Si Wenxuans expression suddenly turned dark and foul.

The few people in the kitchen did not have time to pay her any attention, and she was left to rot in boredom by her actions.

The three elders in the living room had heard the heated conversation between the children earlier and somehow had a tacit agreement to neither bring up the topic nor reprimand anyone.

It seemed that everyone knew in their hearts what was right and what was wrong.

If they really wanted to get into it, they would be caught in an awkwardly embarrassing situation.

After all, they were among family, and they were all wise people.

Nobody wanted to ruin the festive mood.

Si Jingting rarely asked about Yun Xis major and her studies.

Hearing her talk about furthering her studies in medicine, he enthusiastically offered to recommend her for a job after graduation.

Yun Xi politely thanked him.

Regardless of whatever she chose to do in the future, she did not want to give up on medicine.

To be like her mother—someone who saved lives for a living—had now become her dream.

The lunch was lively and cheerful, like that of an ordinary family, and they all shared a few glasses of wine with the old man at the table.

Yun Xi and Si Wenxuan were still not of age, so they joined in on the fun with glasses of juice instead.

However, Si Wenxuan was still feeling unamiable toward Yun Xi, and everything Yun Xi did got on her nerves.

After lunch, Yun Xi joined the old man and Xiao Jinglin on the couch and chatted over some tea, while Mu Feichi went out to the terrace to answer a call.

Out of boredom, she looked up and was immediately met with the provoking eyes of Si Wenxuan, sitting on the opposite couch.

“Si Wenxuan, are you trying to pick a fight with me”

“Bring it on! Lets see whos afraid of who!” Seeing that her provocation was successful, Si Wenxuan immediately sat up straight as if ready to pounce at any minute.

As soon as the two kids started a commotion, Xiao Weiyun immediately scolded Si Wenxuan, “Xuanxuan! What are you doing Must you make your mother unhappy during the New Year”

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