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“Why were you shouting and screaming when you dont even have the guts Competing with me to see who has the louder voice”

Even if Si Wenxuan were a paper tiger, she would probably be a useless paper tiger!

Yun Xi did not hold back and hit Si Wenxuan a few more times on her buttocks with the walking stick.

She showed no mercy and did not care even if her actions embarrassed her.

Si Wenxuan felt embarrassed after getting hit a few times in front of Mu Feichi and her elders.

But she was only concerned with the humiliation, not the pain!

Filled with grievances and her unwillingness to lose to Yun Xi, she burst into tears.

Xiao Weijun couldnt bear to see it any further, so she stood up.

However, before she could walk forward, Si Jingting pulled her back and shook his head.

“Xuanxuan has been too wilful, and she doesnt look like a lady from a respectable family.

She will have to go through some hardships to know that not everyone will give in to her.”

“But to be caned by the walking stick…”

“Yun Xi knows how to control herself.

Cant you see that she is only beating where the clothes are thick It wouldnt hurt! Our daughter would never learn if you were to stop Yun Xi now!”

Xiao Weijun sighed helplessly.

She sat back down without saying another word.

Compared to her arrogant and wilful daughter, Yun Xi was really a sensible child.

It was also really heartbreaking to see her so sensible and obedient!

“Wretched girl! How dare you hit me Im not accepting this outcome! Who do you think you are And what right do you have to hit me”

Her parents had never hit her before, and this wretched girl dared to hit her!

And she was hitting so ruthlessly! She must be taking revenge for something personal.

So shameless of her to do that!

“Si Wenxuan, you kept calling me a wretched girl.

But can you tell me where your sense of superiority comes from Because you are the Presidents daughter, and I grew up in the countryside So, do you think your status is higher than mine, and that you should always be above me Yes, you are the Presidents daughter, and it is a respectable identity, so everyone goes along with you.

But have you thought about what will happen when your father steps down Then, you will just be the daughter of the Si family and nothing else.

How many people will still go along with you when that happens”

“In terms of our birth and background, I am not any less than you! The Xiao family isnt any less inferior than the Si family, so I am not of a lower status either.

If we talk about educational qualifications, I was the top student two years ago and was accepted into Jingdu University.

Then, in terms of mannerism, the first-class socialite title Ive gotten is the best proof! How about you Other than the eldest daughter of the Si family, what else do you have I dont deny that everyone is born differently, but it is not an excuse for you to humiliate others! There arent any differences in class among humans! If you think you are above the rest because you are the Presidents daughter, you should probably visit the hospital to check on your brain! It is no longer like it was in the olden days, so stop thinking like a princess! Also, stop thinking of yourself as someone! You just need to have some capabilities, and no one will look down on you!”


After a pause, Yun Xi used the walking stick to poke at Si Wenxuans bottom.

She continued, “Also, dont ever say that you can go through life and death on the battlefield with Mu Feichi.

With your abilities, do you think you are worthy I would be very grateful if you didnt hold him back!”

“Whether Im worthy or not, it has nothing to do with you.

So why do you care”

“Of course, I care! Because he is my man.

I am the only one qualified to go through life and death with him.

As long as I am not dead, you are not even qualified to be my replacement!”

As soon as Yun Xi finished her sentence, a round of applause sounded through the quiet living room.

Yun Xi looked up and saw Mu Feichi clapping as he stood up from the sofa.

His cold, arrogant, and tall figure felt like the sharp blade of a sword, but there was an indescribable tenderness and love in his eyes.

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