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Thats his little girl! So assertive and so unique!

No matter what the occasion, she would always surprise him in the most unexpected ways!

Hearing footsteps approaching, her eyes moved along the black trousers she saw and she looked up at the man.

Being in such a position in front of Mu Feichi, she felt all her dignity and reputation disappear into thin air!

Si Wenxuan could hardly imagine how she looked being stepped on by this wretched girl.

Right now, she just wanted to dig a hole and hide.

“You wretched girl! Let me go!”

Si Wenxuan struggled to get up a few times.

Finally, her futile efforts, along with seeing Mu Feichi next to her, made Si Wenxuan burst into tears from feeling aggrieved.

Whimpering, she turned to look at Old Master Xiao.

She then shouted while crying, “Grandpa! Are you just going to let this wretched girl bully me I am your granddaughter too!”

With the teacup in his hand, he paused and smiled helplessly at Si Wenxuan.

“Xuanxuan, its not that I dont want to help you.

Firstly, you are not as skillful as Yun Xi.

Also, both of you are my granddaughters, so who should I help in such a situation If I were to help you, then wouldnt you have to admit defeat right away”

Si Wenxuan was stunned for a moment.

However, she still refused to admit defeat.

“Mother! Are you going to let her continue bullying me too”

Xiao Weijun looked at Yun Xi first, and then turned to her daughter, who was still throwing a fit.

She knew very well that she shouldnt protect and defend her daughter now.

“Xuanxuan, stop it! Youve already lost, so just admit it.

Its Chinese New Year, so the family should be spending time together in harmony.”

“No way! I havent lost yet!” Refusing to give up, Si Wenxuan gritted her teeth and shouted at Yun Xi, “Move your foot away! Lets fight again if you dare!”

Yun Xi winked at Mu Feichi.

He then looked down at Si Wenxuan, who was still lying on the floor.

He clicked his tongue in disapproval.

“Si Wenxuan, you can never win her, especially in terms of your shooting and combat skills.

So, stop embarrassing yourself in front of so many people.

As long as you admit defeat, she may let it slide out of respect for your parents.”

“Brother Feichi! Why are you helping her to bully me too”

“Im just stating the facts.”

Seeing that no one would help her, Si Wenxuan could only turn to Xiao Jinglin.

With an annoyed and exasperated voice, she said, “Uncle! Do something about your daughter!”

“Xuanxuan, you also know to say that Yun Xi is my daughter.

Since you admitted that she is part of the Xiao family, you should apologize to your cousin.

Then, just shake hands and make peace with each other, and all will be over!”

Right from the beginning, Xiao Jinglin had known Yun Xis intention of accepting Si Wenxuans challenge.

He knew that his daughter was a kind and sensible girl.

They were both the only children of the Xiao family and the Si family.

It would be good if they could get along well as cousins.

But if they couldnt get along, Yun Xi would also have the ability to let Si Wenxuan know that shes no pushover.

“No way! I am not going to acknowledge her as my cousin! We dont have such annoying relatives!”

Yun Xi sneered and moved her foot away, still looking at the embarrassed Si Wenxuan.

Gradually, the sparkle in Yun Xis eyes disappeared, and she spread her arms out in a helpless shrug when looking at Si Jingting and his wife.

She had already tried her best, but Si Wenxuan had such an unrepentant and incorrigible attitude.

There was nothing else that she could do.

“Si Wenxuan, you are such a sore loser.

Its really ungraceful of you not to concede defeat after losing.

Its not like I have to win anyway.

Even Mu Feichi cant tolerate your temper, let alone the others.

I dont want to be related to you either.

After all, having a cousin like you doesnt seem to be something worth being happy about.

You can continue throwing tantrums, but I will not entertain you any further!”

After saying that, Yun Xi turned to look at Xiao Jinglin.


Xiao, we have to visit the Ye family to greet the elders for Chinese New Year, so we will have to leave now! We probably wont be coming back for dinner, so dont wait for us.”

Xiao Jinglin nodded.

“Alright! Go on! Be careful on the road.”

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