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The man in front of them was dressed in a smart suit and wore a pair of thin-rimmed glasses.

There seemed to be a relaxed vibe around him when he looked at them with his sharp eyes from behind the lens.

Unlike the mature and quiet man from her memory, the man standing before her seemed to be about the same age as Mu Feichi.

Looking even more gentle and elegant, his demeanor also indicated that he was raised in a prominent family.

“Elder Brother.” Mu Feichi walked forward and nodded at Ye Shenshou.

He then turned to introduce the person beside him.

“This is Yun Xi.

Shes Uncle Jings only daughter!”

“Huh Isnt Uncle Jing…” Ye Shenshou paused and turned to look at Yun Xi doubtfully.

He then asked, with uncertainty, “Ms.

Rongs daughter”

“Yes, thats right!” Mu Feichi nodded and went on with the conversation.

“She will also be Mrs.

Mu, my future wife.”

Ye Shenshou couldnt help but chuckle when he saw how cocky Mu Feichi looked.

“Youre so protective of her.

Its as if you want the whole world to know that shes yours!”

“Ive got no choice.

Too many people are yearning for her, so I must declare my position first.”

“Everyone in Jun Country knows that shes yours!”

Ye Shenshou chuckled again as he turned to look at Yun Xi, who was smiling sweetly beside him.

He had a rough idea of who she was, but he did not expect her to be Xiao Jinglins daughter.

Now, with her identity as Xiao Jinglins daughter, it seemed like she had become the one too good for him and the Mu family instead.

Ye Shenshou introduced himself to Yun Xi.

“Hello, I am Jinzhis cousin, Ye Shenshou.

You can address me like how he does!”

It was such a simple and unassuming self-introduction.

Ye Shenshou didnt even reveal his exact status or identity.

However, the peaceful attitude was definitely a welcome breath of fresh air.

“My little brother is a soldier, and he can be very demanding and unreasonable at times.

So little girl, just bear with him.”

Yun Xi smiled and nodded without saying a word.

While the three of them were chatting, a bodyguard came to remind them that it was time to board the plane.

Yun Xi only realized that it was Ye Shenshous private plane after boarding it.

Other than the bodyguards and flight attendants, they were the only people on the plane.

Her bodyguards, Xiaoer and Xiaosi, were also with her.

In her previous life, she had only heard about the Ye family from City Y, and she didnt know much about them.

She only knew that they were a big and famous family, and they were one of the most prominent families in City Y.

While on the plane, she got curious and asked about Ye Shenshous occupation.

“Elder Brother, are you a doctor”

“What How did you know Dont I look more like a businessman now”

“Well… there was a faint disinfectant smell on you.

I am also in the medical field, so I am quite sensitive to that smell.”

The faint smell should be from his hands, as most doctors would be thorough when washing them.

So, it would be inevitable for their hands to have a faint smell of the hand soap.

“I am a doctor, but I am mainly a businessman.

My father only has a son and a daughter.

My younger sister is not interested in the business.

So, as the eldest son, I had no choice but to give up medicine to inherit the family business.

Ye Shenshou paused, then smiled as he looked at Yun Xi.

“I heard from Jinzhi that you have remarkable medical skills, and you even personally participated in Mrs.

Sis surgery.

You are so talented, even at such a young age.

I should be ashamed of myself!”

“Theyve exaggerated the information.

I am just a newbie, and I am still learning the ropes!”

While chatting with him, Yun Xi seemed to have gotten a general idea about the Ye family through Ye Shenshous simple and modest description.

In City Y, the Ye family remained inconspicuous and mysterious.

Yun Xi wondered what kind of a person Mu Feichis mother was since she gave birth to such an excellent child.

From Ye Shenshous demeanor and the way he spoke, Yun Xi could already imagine the looks of this prominent family.

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