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Since she had gotten to know Mu Feichi, Yun Xi felt it was like she had activated a cheat code in her life.

Be it the countrys three wealthiest families, the Si family, or even the low-profile Quan family, they had all become part of her circle.

She had spent all her time socializing in hopes of getting to know them in her previous life, but to no avail.

Since coming back to life, she has kept moving toward her goals step by step.

Her next targets would be the Han family and Han Yaotian.

When they arrived at the Ye family mansion, Yun Xi was surprised.

Other than the butler, the only other person waiting at the door was Ye Shenshous sister, Ye Shenxin.

Instead of the usual grand welcome for guests, it felt like they were just waiting for their own family to come home.

“Elder Brother!” Ye Shenxin ran over to Ye Shenshou as soon as he alighted from the car.

She was surprised when she saw Mu Feichi stepping out of the car after her brother.

But very quickly, Ye Shenxin smiled at him like a little fox and stretched out her hand to Mu Feichi.

“Second Elder Brother.

Wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year! So, wheres my red packet”

Mu Feichi glanced at the girl standing outside.

He snorted as he reached into his pocket for a red packet and gave it to her.

His sharp eyes fell back on the girl dressed in bright red.

It had just stopped snowing in City Y, so Ye Shenxin wore a fluffy outer coat.

It made her look like the chubby kid in a New Year poster, so round and adorable.

So, it was hard for him to think that she was the slender little girl in the shirt and shorts he saw last summer.

A girls appearance would constantly change over the years.

Like his dear Yun Xi, both of them have changed so much in a short time!

“Happy Chinese New Year! Xin Xin, what did your family feed you throughout the year Why do you look so swollen”

“Swollen” Ye Shenxin took a moment to realize what Mu Feichi had meant.

She immediately frowned and clenched her fists in anger.

“Mu Jinzhi! How dare you say that I am fat Fat Am I Eldest Brother, am I fat”

“Youre not!” Ye Shenshou pulled his precious sister to him and patted her shoulder to comfort her.

“Its not like you dont know that he has a vicious mouth.

But isnt there a great saying that theres always someone better He has completely fallen under someone elses control! So you should respect and worship this formidable person right now, and she might even help you bully him one day!”

“Oh” Ye Shenxin looked in the direction Ye Shenshou pointed.

She then saw Yun Xi getting out of the car, and she couldnt help but take a few more looks.

“I know you! Arent you the first-class socialite” Upon saying that, something suddenly clicked in Ye Shenxins mind.

“So you are Mu Jinzhis legendary girlfriend! You are way more beautiful and classier in person! What a waste for you to be dating someone like him!”

Ye Shenxin deliberately said the last sentence aloud for Mu Feichi in revenge for saying that she was fat!

Yun Xi walked over to Mu Feichi after getting out of the car.

She quietly looked at this quirky little girl and thought she looked really soft and adorable.

“Hello! I am Mu Jinzhis cousin, Ye Shenxin.” Ye Shenxin blinked as she looked at the quaint and elegant girl in front of her.

Yun Xis ladylike mannerisms and gestures left a good impression.

Mu Jinzhi had always been an overbearing and unreasonable man to deal with.

He also had a picky and harsh temperament due to his identity as a soldier.

So, Ye Shenxin felt like it was a miracle to see him fall head over heels for this little girl!

“I heard Mu Jinzhi has completely fallen for you Can you tell me what your secret is It is not easy to tame someone like him, after all!”

Yun Xi chuckled as she narrowed her eyes to look at Mu Feichi.

“People always say that no one is invincible and that everyone has their weaknesses.”

Hearing that, Ye Shenxin immediately understood what Yun Xi meant.

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