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Old Master Ye glared at him unhappily.

He tapped Mu Feichis leg with his walking stick and snapped, “I am asking her a question, not you.

Why are you so nervous! Did you think I would make things difficult for her!”

Mu Feichi smiled helplessly.

“Ive got no choice.

She is of a different status now.

Now that I finally have her, I must be nice to her and pamper her.

If she were to leave me, theres no one I could cry and whine to!”

Old Master Ye seemed surprised at that reply.

He turned to look at Yun Xi and then back at his proud grandson.

“What do you mean by a different status”

“Yun Xi is Xiao Jinglins biological daughter, the only legitimate direct descendent of the Xiao family.

She is also the niece of the Presidents wife.

So, in terms of family background, shes way out of our league now.”

“Oh Is she Ms.

Rongs daughter” Old Master Ye was a little surprised.

“They found Ms.


“Not yet.

We found out by chance that Yun Xi was Uncle Jings daughter.

So now, we are piecing up the broken leads from the past to continue the search.”

“All these years must have been tough for him.

So, its great that he finally found his daughter!”

“Old Master Xiao is back in the country too, and I had a meal with him.

This year, the President and his wife were there too.

Thats why I arrived later than usual today.”

“Its alright.

Just stay here for the night.

I have already told the housekeeper to tidy up the Plum Blossom Garden.

Bring Yun Xi around tomorrow, and then leave the next day.”

Old Master Ye was obviously asking for Yun Xis opinion when he said that.

Mu Feichi turned to look at Yun Xi, and now they were all waiting for her answer.

Since Old Master Ye had already made plans, Yun Xi couldnt refuse.

She nodded with a smile, “Of course.

I was thinking of asking Elder Brother about some medical problems too.”

It was rare for Mu Feichi to be back at the Ye family mansion, and he even had a girl with him this year.

So, almost all the elders in the family couldnt wait to talk to them.

Sitting beside Mu Feichi, Yun Xi quietly looked and kept in mind those big figures she could only see in the countrys conferences.

Compared to the important figures she saw in the Mu family, the Ye familys intricate social network was equally prestigious.

The Mu family and the Ye family were a great match.

After dinner, Yun Xi sat behind Mu Feichi and watched him play mahjong with Old Master Ye and a few elders.

She didnt know much about mahjong, but she could tell that Mu Three-Years-Old really knew how to please his grandfather.

His memory skills came in handy, and he would occasionally throw out the mahjong tiles that his grandfather wanted.

Old Master Ye would win the game several times, and he was so happy about it!

Everyone knew the real reason behind the winnings, but they just ignored it and pretended not to notice.

“Yun Xi, hes really down on his luck today.

Come take his spot, so he wont come whining to me after losing everything!”

“Grandpa Ye, I am not really good at mahjong.” Even if she knew how to, she wouldnt be as good as Mu Feichi, who could see and predict which tiles Old Master Ye needed to win!

“Its alright.

Let Jinzhi teach you!” Old Master Ye signaled to Mu Feichi with his eyes.

Mu Feichi stood up obediently and brought Yun Xi over to his seat.

He then sat down beside her and whispered into her ears, “Dont worry.

Grandpa doesnt really care about winning or losing the game, so just play with him.

Do you really think he doesnt know that we are giving in to him”

Mu Feichi gently squeezed her hands and brought them to the mahjong table.

He then jokingly said, “Be good, and Mr.

Mu will guide you along!”

“Second Elder Brother! You were losing so badly just now, and you still want to teach somebody!”

Ye Shenxin was one of Mu Feichis opponents in the game.

She had been deliberately going against Mu Feichi since the game started.

Ye Shenxin gloated over his loss, and she looked even happier than her winning grandfather.

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