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Mu Feichi leaned against the chair lazily.

His gentle and relaxed posture showed that he wasnt provoked at all.

Instead, he teased Ye Shenxin in a cheerful tone.

“Xin Xin, believe it or not.

My girl will win the game even if I dont teach her anything.” Mu Feichi spoke with confidence because of the chemistry between them.

Even if he didnt say anything, he knew that Yun Xi could see the reasons behind his losses after sitting beside him at the game for so long.

After hearing what Mu Feichi had said, Ye Shenxin stopped arranging the mahjong tiles.

She looked up and said, “Little Yun Xi, are you really a newbie You better not be pretending to be bad at it!”

“Dont listen to his nonsense.

I am alright with any other games, but I am not good with mahjong!”

“We will know if Jinzhi was fooling around once we start playing!” Mu Feichis Second Uncle interjected and then the game started!

As soon as Yun Xi sat down at the mahjong table, several elders drinking tea in the living room came over to watch.

Mu Feichi kept his word about not guiding Yun Xi.

Instead, he sat beside her quietly and let Yun Xi do whatever she wanted with her mahjong tiles.

There werent any tricks in Ye Shenxins tactics in the game, and all she did was deliberately go against Yun Xi.

Old Master Ye played the game without saying a word and only occasionally looked at the tiles Yun Xi threw out.

No doubt, Yun Xi lost the first round, and Old Master Ye was the winner again.

Ye Shenxin watched her grandfather take the tile she wanted and then stared in disbelief at her grandfathers winning tiles.

She then looked up at the innocent-looking Yun Xi sitting opposite her.

As Ye Shenxin did not notice anything special in Yun Xis playing style, she focused on the fact that Yun Xi had lost instead.

She smiled brightly at Mu Feichi and hit the table as she laughed.

“Second Elder Brother, you said that your girlfriend would win, but she has already lost the first game to Grandpa.

You must have passed on your bad luck to her today! Hahahaha!”

Sitting beside her, Mu Feichi knew what Yun Xi was doing.

Yun Xi played the game, just exactly like him.

She would throw out whatever tiles his grandfather wanted, and she could also remember all the tiles in one glance.

Mu Feichi did not say anything to Yun Xi before the game, but she knew what was on his mind.

“Its only the first round.

Why are you so anxious” Mu Feichi smiled as he counted the money chips to pay Old Master Ye.

He even comforted Yun Xi.

“Baby, dont worry about it.

We still have some chips left! Its alright even if we lose another round!”

Ye Shenxin glanced at the chips in Yun Xis tray.

She then covered her mouth while laughing and said, “There are only five chips left in the tray.

You will be in deficit if you lose another round! You must know that we do not allow playing on credit today!”

Mu Feichi played with a red plastic chip as he smiled and raised his eyebrows cheekily.

Ye Shenxin didnt dare celebrate too early when she saw how relaxed he was.

“Xin Xin, Im betting that you will lose very badly in the next game!”

“The game hasnt started, and you are already predicting the outcome.

Second Elder Brother, maybe you can start a fortune-telling business under the overhead bridge!”

Mu Feichi winked at Yun Xi, and they both smiled at each other.

And then the second round of the game started.

The game ended in less than five minutes, with tension in the air.

Finally, Yun Xi revealed her row of winning tiles and said softly, “I won!”

Everyone looked at Yun Xis tiles, and they all had interesting expressions on their faces.

A few elders and Ye Shenshou immediately knew what was going on, and all of them shook their heads and laughed.

How is Yun Xi a newbie She was definitely a pro among the pros!

Other than being familiar with the game rules, she was great at remembering the tiles that were played in the game too.

However, the most astounding thing about her was that she even knew how to control the games outcome!

Mu Jinzhi would play mahjong with his grandfather every year, but he had never won any games.

Other than the naïve Ye Shenxin, everyone knew that he did it on purpose to please the old man.

However, no one expected Yun Xi to understand Mu Feichis thoughts after only watching him play a few rounds of the game.

Yun Xi started off by letting Old Master Ye win the first round, but she turned around to control and win the next game.

She even won the round with “Four Great Blessings,” a winning combination that they havent managed to get in years!

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