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On the other hand, Yun Xi was filled with nothing but embarrassment and frustration.

The girl lifted her legs and pushed them against the mans chest to prevent him from advancing further.

She was afraid, and it was precisely because she was afraid that she was using all of her might to fight back.

Yun Xi may be used to the usual antics and tricks that Mu Feichi dished out on a casual basis, but she was clueless when it came to giving the proper response to this kind of cheesy pillow-talk.

“Since when have you been so lustful, Mu Three-Years-Old Do you know being so lustful is bad for your health”

After a brief moment of silence, Yun Xi finally spat out her response, and it was not one she was proud of.

Her excuse seemed rather childish, and even Mu Feichi broke into a light chuckle.

“Arent you the one studying medicine Isnt it more damaging if I kept this lust to myself”

“But we are in someone elses house! If we wake up late, Im sure the elders will figure out that we have done something! Who knows if they will see me as some homewrecker-to-be You can do this to anyone else, but not me! I dont care if you dont have any shame.

I do!”

“This is my house! Aside from the cleaning lady, no one else comes here.

Besides, if the elders were to ask tomorrow, I know what to say.”

“What will you say” Yun Xi did not believe for a second that Mu Feichi had an idea of what to do.

“Hm…” Mu Feichis hands grasped Yun Xis ankle and pushed it aside casually.

He lowered his body down again, and their eyes met inches apart from each other.

The man smiled and said, “How about I tell you tomorrow There are some important things I need to attend to…”

“Mhm…” Their distance, or lack of it, together with the sudden and expected gentleness and intention from Mu Feichi, had left Yun Xi nervous as her pupils enlarged in anticipation of what would happen.

The two sank into kisses again as Mu Feichi plunged deep into Yun Xis lips in heated repetition.

The familiar scent of the man swimming around Yun Xis senses took her breath away with every kiss.

With her back against the soft and clean mattress and the gentleness of the man above her, Yun Xi could feel her nerves relax little by little.

Yun Xi had always been the passive one when it came to things like this.

If she had lacked initiative, it was unthinkable that she would have had any tricks up her sleeve to fight back.

Therefore, Mu Feichi had always been the one doing things his way while Yun Xi went along with it.

After a long while, Mu Feichi finally slowed down and lifted himself higher to get a better look at Yun Xi.

His slightly cold fingertips stroked Yun Xis delicate features.

“Baby…” he called out softly and fondly.

“Hm” The hurricane of kisses from Mu Feichi placed Yun Xi in a dizzy spell.

She looked up with heavy-lidded eyes in reaction to the mans comment, but she was still too caught up in the moment to catch what he had just said.

Her woozy expression was beyond adorable and innocent.

It was this expression that had made Mu Feichis desire more insuppressible.

He had barely managed to suppress his emotions, and the innocent yet dazzling eyes of Yun Xi had put all his efforts to waste.

“Oh, I cant let you go this time, little vixen.” For him to keep his emotions in check would be asking the impossible of him.

Unable to hold back any longer, Mu Feichi braced himself for another kiss, one that was strong enough that Yun Xi would not escape from his embrace and one that eliminated all hope for escape within Yun Xi too.

Sure enough, the hands that pushed against his chest could not muster any more strength.

Yun Xi had accepted her fate and lost the will to fight back.

Her hands turned to embrace the man tightly, her fingers wrapping themselves around the sides of his muscular back.

Her shaking fingers subconsciously dug into his muscles.

With the yellow low-light lamp and with Yun Xis flushed red cheeks, all the nervousness inside her had seemingly dissipated with a snap.

It was only natural that Yun Xi would wake up late after a night of fooling around.

Yun Xi instinctively reached for her phone that she had left on the nightstand.

Still stuck in a dreamlike state, her hands scrambled around the bedding to locate her phone, unaware that Mu Feichi had long awoken and was looking at her search with great amusement.

The man watched fondly, with a faint smile on his lips, as Yun Xi tossed and turned, her eyes still closed, trying to find her phone.

Yun Xis hands took an abrupt turn to the mans body, and they found themselves running down Mu Feichis chest as they remained lost in their phone search.

Mu Feichi looked down and took hold of Yun Xis wrist.

With a light tug, he pulled Yun Xi toward him and gave her cheeks a few wake-up kisses.

“Its a bad habit to randomly touch someone in the morning, baby…”

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