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All it took were those words from Mu Feichi, and Yun Xi awoke in an instant.

The sleepiness in her seemed to have flown right out of her body.

Her neck was stiff from how she slept last night.

Yun Xi tilted her head back to stretch out the stiffness, but Mu Feichi immediately drew her head back to his chest.

Yun Xi leaned against the mans bare chest, and as she gathered her bearings, she could hear the mans raspy morning voice and how it vibrated in his chest.

“Good morning, baby.”

“Morning,” Yun Xi greeted in a low voice.

Her head was still buried in the firm chest of the man.

She wanted to retract her hands, but they were stuck in Mu Feichis grasp and he was fiddling with them.

“What time is it” The girl rubbed her face with her hands as she looked up at the man against her.

Her body was sore, so there was little energy in her to make big movements.

She was taking it slow.

“Its past eight oclock.

Do you want to sleep in” Mu Feichi was unwilling to let Yun Xi out of his embrace yet.

His hands lightly caressed her back through the blanket.

The comforting touch made him reluctant to let go.

“Eight And you didnt wake me up!” Yun Xi sat up in an instant.

She did not care that she was as bare as Mu Feichi was.

She grabbed the mans face with her hands in annoyance.

The elders of the Ye family mansion were mostly trained soldiers whose lives were used to the military way of living.

All of them would have woken up by six or seven oclock in the morning.

Waking up at eight oclock was a severe case of sleeping in.

The old master would definitely question why the two of them had woken up late, and Yun Xi knew she would not be able to swallow her embarrassment when that happened.

“Dont worry.

Did I not say I had an idea last night” Mu Feichi watched his little and annoyed vixen fondly as she pinched his cheeks with her hair still in a mess.

“Dont worry.

This is not a bad time to wake up.”

Yun Xi glared at him in response, “Oh, why dont you tell me, Young Commander Mu, what kind of excuse will you come up with I cant take responsibility for this one!”

“Theres a mountain path from our courtyard that can be used for jogging.

Well say we went for a morning run.

I doubt anyone would question that much.”

The girls face flushed red.

Lying was never her strong suit.

She annoyingly patted Mu Feichis handsome features.

He did not seem ashamed or flustered by this lie at all as he maintained his expression of composure.

“You really have no shame!” she commented.

This lie sounded so natural in Mu Feichis words that it sounded more truthful than the actual truth.

“I dont really have a choice.

Seeing how honest my baby is, I will have to take one for the two of us.” Mu Feichi sat up with Yun Xi still in his arms.

“Cant you see the sacrifices I made for you I even abandoned my shame! Dont you think this deserves a reward”

“In your dreams!” Yun Xi scoffed and pushed the grinning face away from her.

“Get up.

Any later and your excuse would not work anymore!”

“Right!” Mu Feichi nodded and carried Yun Xi up from the bed.

He walked toward the bathroom with Yun Xi still in his arms and placed her directly into the bathtub.

“I want to shower.

Why are you here I dont need your personal service!” Yun Xi immediately pulled a nearby bath towel to cover herself, and she pushed the man away from the tub.

“Babe, we save more time if we shower together!”

“Then…” Yun Xi hesitated and decided to warn him, “Dont try anything funny.

If you cant control yourself…”

“Right, I promise I will not try anything!” Mu Feichi sighed lightly.

“Just hurry, or you will be scrambling around to get ready again.”

Mu Feichi, being a known keeper of promises, stuck to his word.

The rush for time meant that Yun Xi did not have time to waste being embarrassed.

The two showered quickly before heading downstairs to change.

Once they had left the courtyard, they met up with Ye Shenshou, who had just returned from his morning run.

Yun Xi greeted him politely.

“Come on in.

Its time for breakfast!” Ye Shenshou rubbed the sweat off his face with a towel.

He turned and headed inside the manor.

As he walked, he turned to Yun Xi and said, “Were bringing you guys to an interesting place today.

Yun Xi, you might like it.”

Yun Xis eyes followed the man in front of her curiously.

“What kind of place is that”

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