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“So… how many people does the enemy have Are you sure we are their target”

Yun Xi thought through the situation.

She doubted the enemy would know that they were staying a night in Y City when they left for the city.

If they came in after the two, there was a possibility that they were not in the city for them.

“Quite a few of them, around twenty.

I thought it was too well planned to be a sheer coincidence, so I instructed some men to tail them.

Where do you think we found them”

“Stop beating around the bush,” Mu Feichi said, raising his brow and cutting Ye Shenshou off before he could bait them more.

This was the territory of the Ye family.

His information would not be as accurate and detailed as the one that Ye Shenshou has.

“I thought I was being paranoid, but these men apparently settled down in the housing around the Ye family manor.

They might not have known that these places were part of the Ye family manor too.

We dont just have the mansion.

Everything within its five-mile radius is our property.

Any intruders will be instantly reported to me.”

“I see!” Yun Xi finally gained some clarity on why the Ye family remained a formidable force in Y City despite the low profile that had been maintained through the generations.

They were a mysterious and secretive family with over a hundred years of history and unknown powers.

Anyone who offended them would be dead before they even knew it.

“Where are they now Did you capture them”

“We caught a few, but over ten of them escaped.

These guys live discreetly and apart from each other.

Once I prepared to move, they picked up on the signal and ran.

I could only capture a few small fries.

My men interrogated them all night, but we have nothing of value.”

Yun Xi listened intently, “What about the ones who fled Have they left Y City” she asked as she formulated a plan in her mind.

No matter who they were, if they had come after Mu Feichi and her, they posed a danger to their wellbeing and needed to be removed.

A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords at dawn.

They would not be safe anywhere if they did not remove this hidden danger in time.

“They are still here, though we could not trace them.

My men are still investigating.

If they hid in the city, it would make investigations difficult due to the sheer mass of people.”

This fact was known to Yun Xi.

“If their leader escapes and leaves the small fries to take the hit, they would not have run far.

They lost half of the twenty they came in with, so the other half must still be here.

If they came for me, they would not leave without accomplishing the mission.”

Tapping her finger against the handle of the car door to think through her plan, Yun Xi turned to the man who had turned to look at her.

Their eyes met, and Yun Xi could tell that he was thinking the same thing as she was.

“Why Have the two of you thought of an idea” Ye Shenshous eyes were reflected in the rearview mirror.

His voice was low as he studied the two in the backseat.

“We need to bait them.” Yun Xi looked up.

Her eyes were shining with anticipation, and there was also a glint of chill in them.

“The last few days of silence had me worried.

Now that theyve decided to make their move, we should keep up and use this chance! If they are still in Y City, why dont we use ourselves to bait them and capture all of them”

These men had followed them from Jingdu to Y City.

They were dangerous, even if they were not Crocodiles men.

It was safer to have them in captivity.

Their war with Crocodile had dragged on longer than they preferred.

If they did not eliminate Crocodile any time soon, he would remain a constant threat that loomed over their heads.

“This is a good idea, but you two are not familiar with the city.

This would be disastrous for the plan,” Ye Shenshou commented.

“Though there is a traditional festival happening on the third day of the New Year in a town close to the city, we can draw them over there.”

“But we dont even know where they are.

How do we get their attention” Yun Xi responded in confusion.

“I dont think Mu Three-Years-Old and I could easily pull them out by taking a walk around the city.”

“Of course, so we still have to wait a bit.

The men Ive sent to the city have not updated me, but once they can confirm their location—”

“No, thats too late!” Mu Feichi spoke up suddenly, his handsome features in a frown.

“We would be too passive.

What if theres no news How long will we wait They must have a backup plan if they were willing to come so far.

Lets head to the largest city square.

They must be close by!”

“How do you know that” Yun Xi and Ye Shenshou both asked the same question.

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