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Yun Xi shot him a suspicious look as she looked up from the map.

She doubted Mu Feichi would have overlooked such an important detail.

If he had truly missed out on it, he would not have asked her to leave and stay with Old Master Ye.

Mu Feichi had accumulated years of experience partaking in the most dangerous missions for the country.

With his carefulness and insight, he was someone who planned not just one but multiple steps ahead.

His position as the Young Commander had given him a comprehensive knowledge of the various borders in Jun Country too.

He couldnt forget about the border in Y City.

Yun Xi would not have batted an eyelid if it had been anyone else, but he was not.

He was the Young Commander of the country.

“You know it too, dont you If they were after us, they would either be Crocodiles men or be tasked by some other rival.

If they are Crocodiles men, they would follow a similar pattern of escape.

Hence, even if we were to blockade the harbour, the station, and the airport, they would head for the internal borders.

The borders have been rather turbulent lately, and big brothers men would not be as easily mobilized as your special forces, but we only have two with us right now.

If they retreat into the borders, they must have some form of support, and youre afraid we might be outnumbered.”

“Looks like I cant hide anything from you,” sighed Mu Feichi slightly.

He took the map from Yun Xis hands and folded it neatly into a square.

Setting the map aside, he pulled out a drawer from under the car seat and took out the weapons.

“The old road is still a distance away from the border.

It should be enough for us to capture the men.”

Yun Xi gave Mu Feichis shoulders a reassuring pat.

“Hey, dont overthink it.

Big brothers men are skilled in their own way.

If not, he would not have the ability to provoke them.”

“Big brother is good, but we need to protect ourselves too.” The man weighed the weapons in his hands and passed a lighter one to Yun Xi.

“Whatever the case, safety comes first.

Capturing them is second.”

“Got it!” Yun Xi examined the weapon Mu Feichi had handed to her.

The weapon was still cold from storage.

She checked for any potential defects before keeping it in her coat pocket.

It was a good thing she wore pants today.

It would have been difficult for her to move quickly otherwise.

Y City Square was much more crowded than Yun Xi had expected.

The square was in full festive mood.

Red lanterns were hanging from the trees, and a traditional housing structure was set up in the centre of the square in celebration.

The pathways were lined with various plants and flowers.

Many of the residents had gone to the plaza to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Many small stalls had been set up in line with the festival.

The square was teeming with people and sounds.

After their vehicle had taken a spin through the four corners of the square, it pulled to a stop beside a patch of woods.

“Ill park the car beside the trash container thats next to the cinema, Young Commander.

Stay safe.”

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi exited the car, holding hands and trying their best to look like a couple on a shopping trip.

As soon as they stepped out of the car, they gave a quick scan of their surroundings to get a sense of their environment and scouted out the fastest path of escape.

“Mu Three-Years-Old, I just realized something,” Yun Xi commented lightly, “as long as Im with you, even a simple shopping date would be full of mortal danger.

It feels like we are destined to be different from everyone else.”

“Oh, well! Who asked us to be such special people”

They were destined to live lives drastically different from ordinary citizens.

Yun Xi wondered if a plain and simple life with Mu Feichi would have discounted her life satisfaction.

“But I like this! Who wouldve thought you were the one I would have fallen in love with”

She chose to stand by his side, and it meant that she chose to prepare for all the storms that were ahead of them.

Yun Xi knew she was not a damsel in distress either, and she was fully capable of facing the dangers alongside Mu Feichi.

It only made sense that she would fall in love with someone like him.

With their hands between them, the two walked up and down the square, looking at every little trinket or detail that piqued their curiosity, as a couple does.

It did not take long for Mu Feichi to pick up on a presence that had been following them.

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