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Yun Xi casually eyed her surroundings and kept the small trinket she bought from the roadside store.

As she kept the item, she made eye contact with the man beside her.

Mu Feichi took out his phone and pretended to make a call, but his eyes scanned his surroundings warily as Yun Xi did.

With a light sweep of her arms, Yun Xi released her hand from Mu Feichis palms and leaned in for a whisper, “Lets split up.

You go to the car with Lu Lin, and I will take Xiaoer and Xiaosis car.

We need to check who their target is.

We need to dispatch men to bait them on the old road too.

The rest can go with big brother to corner the men.”

“Didnt you say we were a team, baby Why are you kicking me out now”

Although Mu Feichi could understand where Yun Xi was coming from, the instant change of plans had caught him off-guard nonetheless.

“Im dividing and conquering the work.

We dont know who our enemys target is.

If they are coming for you, then I will have to do what it takes to save you!”

“Sure, lets split up then.

Be careful.”

The two went their separate ways.

Mu Feichi dropped Ye Shenshou a call as soon as he had settled into the car.

“We got them.

I will ask the men to push them out of the airport onto the old road.

If there are no accidents, the old road that connects to the border will be where they will escape.

Ask your men to follow and dispatch a group of them to blockade the road there.”


Theres an abandoned empty lot alongside the old road.

You can make your move there to avoid harming any civilians.”

After hanging up the call, Mu Feichi turned to Lu Lin in the drivers seat.

“Lets split up at the road fork ahead,” he instructed.

“Yes, sir!” Lu Lin glanced at the car Yun Xi had boarded.

He turned the steering wheel toward the fork in the road and started the car.

Behind the two vehicles were three men who had gotten into their van as soon as they saw Mu Feichis car take off.

The door of the van slammed shut, and one of the men spoke up to report what they had observed.

“Boss, it looks like they split up.

Which should we follow”

A man with sunglasses in the front passenger seat eyed the white vehicle in front of them intensely.

“Our target is the girl,” he said, his voice low.

“Its a good thing they split up, and Young Commander Mu is not here.

Follow the white car.

Dont lose it!”

A smaller and slimmer henchman in the car spoke up with a concerned voice, “But boss, the two have been together since morning.

Why did they suddenly split up Did they spot us”

The other henchman next to him shook his head.

“Not possible,” he argued.

“I saw Young Commander Mu take a phone call earlier.

Maybe something happened, and thats why they went their separate ways.”

The man in sunglasses scoffed lightly.

He tilted his head and gave the white vehicle a condescending look.

“Them splitting up is going according to my plan,” he commented.

“It would be impossible to kidnap someone with that God of War around.

Dont think about it too much.

Lets focus on kidnapping the girl.”

Turning around, he issued his instructions to his men.

“Ask the others to follow us.

Once we leave the city district, we will strike when the time is right!”

In the white vehicle, Yun Xi turned her body just slightly to catch a glimpse of the back windshield.

She could spot the vehicle trailing behind them from the glass.

She picked up her phone and dialed Mu Feichi.

“Im their target.

Ill bring them to the old road.

You guys be careful.”


We are on our way!”

The news pricked Mu Feichis insides.

If he was the target of the goons, he would have simply swept this under the rug as these attacks were common for him.

However, Yun Xi was their target, and Mu Feichi was determined to eliminate them.

Their car sped out of the city districts and changed lanes onto the old motorway they had spotted on the map.

Yun Xi leaned forward and asked Xiaoer to accelerate a little more.

The car that was tailing them seemed to notice their change in speed, and they picked up on their speed as well.

Amid the high-speed chase, Xiaosi turned the screen of the laptop toward Yun Xi.

There was a satellite map on the screen.

“Miss Yun,” Xiaosi spoke as he gestured to the map, “theres an abandoned car path two kilometres ahead.

We can strike them down there.”

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