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Yun Xi nodded and buckled her seatbelt.

“Xiaoer, drive as fast as you can.

If we speed up, the people behind us will definitely catch up.

Once their car approaches, immediately slow down, reverse and run into them!”

“Alright!” Xiaoer answered.

He stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped forward.

The people in the vehicle behind subconsciously thought that they were going to escape, so they stepped on the accelerator and quickly chased after them.

The man in the back seat glanced at the man in sunglasses in the front passenger seat.

“Boss, they seem to know that were following them and are about to escape!”

The man in sunglasses gripped the armrest tightly.

“Overtake them! Make them stop and dont let them get away!”

“Boss, dont worry! They wont be able to escape! This road was originally our escape route.

Our men have already laid an ambush ahead!”

“Hmph, you didnt take the road to heaven but barged into hell without a door! Pass down the order, listen to the signal, and take action!”

In the front car, Yun Xi looked at the car that was chasing after them and grabbed the armrest.

“Slow down.

When they overtake us, well crash into them!”

“Okay!” Xiaoer slowed down the car.

After a while, the van behind them sped over.

Yun Xi saw an opportunity and said to Xiaoer, “Attack!”

Xiaosi looked at the sudden acceleration of the van and quickly grabbed onto the armrests and turned his head away.

The car suddenly sped up to its maximum speed, directly colliding with the rear of the van in front of it.

After being hit from the back, the van in front seemed to slow down.

Xiaoer took the opportunity to step on the accelerator again and rushed forward.

Their modified car was undeniably faster than the van.

After a few collisions, the van gradually slowed down.

“Boss, what do they mean by this” The man in the drivers seat finally managed to stabilize the speed of the van, but the back of their vehicle was hit again.

“Who cares what they mean Stop now! We have an excuse to get them to stop and compensate us.

When they come down later, you guys take the opportunity to get them out of the car!”

“Yes, Boss!” The people in the car agreed silently, and the car slowly stopped.

Xiaosi looked at the car approaching from not too far away.

After confirming the car plate number, he turned to Xiaoer and said, “The people in front have arrived.”

“I know!” Xiaoer answered and directly ran into the van that was about to stop.

Before the people who had stopped the car in front of them could react, they fell to the side.

Xiaoer reversed backward and stepped on the accelerator once again.

He slammed into the van that was on the road.

At the same time, the car in front of him saw the license plate number and followed suit, slamming into the van.

The van had turned into a pancake with two cars slamming into it.

The driver, who had come to his senses, looked around and saw that there was no way out.

There was a railing at the front and a road at the back.

He was about to reverse, but just as he did, the butt of the van was ruthlessly hit, and it slammed back against the railing.

Three cars blocked his van in the narrow lane.

“Boss, what should we do They dont seem to be following us.”

The car doors on both sides of the van were knocked askew by the car.

It was impossible for them to even open the door and get out.

“Get your weapons ready!” On the passenger seat, the man in sunglasses, who had been hit several times in a row, was stunned.

He tore off the sunglasses from his face and smashed them onto the dashboard.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and took out the gun he had ready.

No matter how foolish he was, he realized that they had come prepared.

He had been plotted against.

If he did not act first at this moment, they would be the ones suffering!

A few gunshots rang out, and the window shattered into pieces.

They had just stuck their heads out of the window when a few cold guns were pressed against their heads.

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